Make your Warrior Cat

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    What colour would YOU like your pelt to be?

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485 days ago
I am Leafflame of Thunderclan. Nice.
711 days ago
Swiftwater, the Riverclan queen! She used to have a mate and kits from a different clan, but then loved Nightstream and her kits, Streamkit and Pebblekit
714 days ago
MothSTAR: idk lol
864 days ago
Why am I always in ThunderClan????
1077 days ago
What did u get??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
1078 days ago
Wow! The cat I got describes me exactly, This is a really clever quiz, I love it!
1088 days ago
Sorry if you got confused because the title is make your warrior cat but it is kind of find your warrior cat! sorry again