Make your Warrior Cat OC

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Your Warrior Cat OC!

  • 1
    What clan?
  • 2
    What color pelt?
  • 3
    Eye color?

  • 4
  • 5
    What name do you want?(part 1)
  • 6
    What name?(part 2)

  • 7
    You became an apprentice.Who is your mentor?
  • 8
    Your mom had died, and so did your dad.They all died in a great, huge battle.What do you do?
  • 9
    You fell in love with another clan cat.What do you do?
  • 10
    Last question!
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Comments (15)


61 days ago
[You are Greypool! A beautiful Silver and White she cat with Dark blue eyes, Like Ivypool! You are admired and loved by all of your tom clanmates(except the ones who have mates)and almost every she-cat is jealous of you, the most jealous one is Movewing, your sister.Your mate is Braveheart, who is a handsome Dark brown tabby tom with yellow eyes. Movewing, your sister, flirts with him and likes him, but his heart always, and will always belong to you.] wow...I just took that by random but that's pretty close to what I got originally, Daisyheart
61 days ago
I am Daisyheart! I am soft and caring, loving to others. I am a beautiful cream she cat with green eyes. I don't have a mate yet, but almost every tom in my clan(without toms who have mates) is attracted and love me. I wonder who I'll choose?
182 days ago
i got graypool. this quiz was awesome! :)
452 days ago
I'm are a gray and yellow tabby tom with Green eyes! I'm are quiet but determined, and I'm are quite a planner.I have a mate, Sorrelfrost, who is icy and sharp but is warm and loving to you. And I'm Evil.
477 days ago
It was actually pretty good!
587 days ago
587 days ago
If you guys want a better quiz, search up the Warrior Cat Love Story ~Part One~ I made it myself and people like it.
589 days ago
I got Lilyblaze. And I am completely fine with that. :)
683 days ago
It gave me a tom OC when I said she-cat.
698 days ago
._. WOow...
734 days ago
I got a she cat with kits. I’m trans and hate she cats and girls but I love kits. This quiz is ok.
746 days ago
I don't like this quiz
757 days ago
I got Lilyblaze and she is JUST LIKE MOTHBERRY! Looooooooove it make more:)!
904 days ago
I got Daisyheart! Good quiz, you should make more tests!!
952 days ago
Comment what you got!