Who will be your mate (Warriors)?

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If you were a warrior cat, who would be your mate?
By the way If you were wondering, these cats are fan made, so don't except Bluestar or firestar, sorry

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411 days ago
my favourite youtuber is Unspeakable
411 days ago
my mother became rogue shortly after due to the heat and harsh conditions in 'sunrise' so she left RiverClan I sometimes think of her as a traitor. pls subscribe to my friends youtube channel #sweetlife you may have to add roblox at the end her profile is a gacha life character thanks my username is roblox Generationkittylover if you wanna friend me and play WARRIORS CATS ULTIMATE EDITION on ROBLOX with me my name is similar to Erin's so that's why I love her even more she my favourite author ever.
411 days ago
Why disabilities why give me an answer pls
here is my warrior cat info if you were wondering
Name:Cherryblossom (she-cat)
Rank: Senior Warrior
skill: Hunting
kin: Savannahpaw (died) apprentice
Clan:ThunderClan and RiverClan (HalfClan)
Mate:Thunderstorm (tom cat)
number of kits: 4 kits names: Honeykit, Ashkit ,Moonkit, Ravenkit
Clan Leader: Firestar
Best Friends: Dovewing and Sandstorm also Willowshine
Enemies: the other clans excluding RiverClan no particular cats except Russetfur
I am loyal to my clan and most loyal to: Leafpool, Brambleclaw(star), Firestar ThunderClan leader, Sandstrom, Dovewing and Mistyfoot RiverClan deputy my kits my mate and Leapordstar RiverClan Leader Savannahpaw (kin)
which clan I am most loyal to: ThunderClan but still a little loyal to RiverClan
mother: Ottertail (still alive) former RiverClan warrior now a rogue
father: Lightingclaw (died) ThunderClan warrior
story: I was born in RiverClan but my father's heart remained in ThunderClan so he stayed but they remained mates Leapordstar threatened to kill me because of my mothers betrayal and my mother gave me to my father to keep me safe Leapordstar was merciful and allowed it to happen and kept my mother alive but my mother refused to take me back so I stayed with ThunderClan Firestar accepted me and that made me loyal to him for life my sister Savannahpaw died when WindClan and RiverClan attacked us Russetfur (ShawdowClan deputy) killed her and I never forgave him even tho they helped us and Savannahpaw wanted to kill me for leaving RiverClan later my father died due to the outbreak of Greencough I sometimes feel angry with Leafpool and Jayfeather and sometimes StarClan I often see Savannahpaw in my dreams we are friends now and she has no wish to kill me my mother is allowed to come to ThunderClan to see me and the Clan values my skill in hunting I visit the tribe of rushing water despite the cold temperatures and the long walk
StarClan connection: only faint dreams and Savannahpaw coming to annoy me and sometimes I see Spottedleaf she comes to teach me herbs I requested it because hey you never know what might happen!

Wow that took long to make hope you enjoy!

by: Cherryblossom
and I am a human but I feel a special connection to the Warrior cats world thank you Erin Hunter for making this fab series MAY STARCLAN LIGHT OUR PATHS!

and I got Whisperingpine as my mate even tho i have one already and ima she-cat
679 days ago
my mates chasing storm. at least he can see in one eye
763 days ago
I have this time got chasingstorm
794 days ago
I am a she-cat with a brown, black, and white pelt. My mate is Hollow eye and I have three kits, Sneeze kit (She kit), Jay kit(Tom), and Storm kit(Tom). My Clan is Thunder clan.
1207 days ago
I am a she-cat
I don want whisperingpine
1218 days ago
sadly though he cant talkSad
1218 days ago
Whisperingpine, a loving cat who is mute, loves kits bit wants 3-4, member of Thunderclan. Sounds good to me!
1372 days ago
Hi got chasingstorm but I dunno if he/she would match my personality or my characters I make up...and it says she/he’s tc (thunder clan) I’m sc (shadow clan) welp I guess I got what it chose for me :T
1450 days ago
Who will be your mate (Warriors)?
For 50 % you are: Whisperingpine, a loving cat who is mute, loves kits bit wants 3-4, member of Thunderclan
49 % of 140 Quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

You could also get this result:
For 30 % you are: Chasingstorm, a brave cat that is blind in one eye, wants many kits, formally Riverclan cat Profile B

Or even this one:
For 20 % you are: Skull, a loyal cat with a black pelt, recently left Bloodclan because of the corrupt leaders, wants no kits, suffers from ear problems Profile C
1595 days ago
Not that I'm insulting people with disabilities.
1595 days ago
Why do all these cats have a disability??? Apparently my mate can't talk to me!!!