What do the Warrior Cats think of you?

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We've asked Firestar, Graystripe, Ravenpaw, Birchfall(twice), Tallstar, Stormfur, Feathertail, Breezepelt, Tigerstar, and Hawkfrost! See what they think of you!

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    Hello. My name is very long, so just call me Heather.

    Me: Okay. Everyone. Firestar, ask your question.
    Firestar: "Do you believe roots are important?"
    You: "What roots?"
    Firestar: "Family roots."
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    Graystripe: "Okay, Heather. What would you do if your kits were in danger because of you?"
    Birchfall: "I'm glad I'm not the taker. The questions are really well..... deep."
    Stormfur: "I agree with Birchfall."
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    Ravenpaw: "Do you think I should have died in the hands of Tigerstar?"
    Birchfall: "..........."
    Me: "Eh....."
    Tigerstar: "I'm going to get you little idiot"
    Graystripe: "S T O P"

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    Birchfall: "Do you think I'm evil because I joined the Dark Forest?"
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    Birchfall:"Me again. Do you think I can handle an apprentice?"
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    Tallstar: "Finally me. Here is the question. Who do you like best? A really easy one. I thought I should give you a break from all those questions."
    Birchfall: "It's 100% not me."
    Firestar: "Who knows?"

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    Stormfur: "Do you think blaming one cat for a loss is OKAY?"
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    Feathertail: "Do you think that me dying was okay?"
    Birchfall: ". . . ."
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    Breezepelt: "Would you fight for the Clans or the Dark Forest?"
    Birchfall: "Why is everyone looking at me?"
    Firestar: "SORRY"
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    Tigerstar: "Would you kill Ravenpaw?"

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    Hawkfrost: "Would you kill anyone for power?'

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664 days ago
Nice quiz, Heather and good quiz! It was fun!
704 days ago
Mouse dung! *looks at Tigerstar, Hawkfrost, and Breezepelt* Ahhh!
- - -
Mind: *thinking of Scarlet and Eaglesoar*
- - -