Which Warrior Cat Clan Are You In?

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Are you fierce and brave like a Thunderclan? Swift and loyal like a Windclan? Clever and strong like a Riverclan? Wily and proud like a Shadowclan? Or wise and secretive like a Starclan? Find out here! Take the quiz now and in a few minutes you'll know which cool clan cat you are!

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    You find a loner in your territory eating some of your prey. What do you do?

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16 days ago
I am coyote the fantastic concealer
19 days ago
I got river clam and I’m pretty happy
20 days ago
Also does it tell you a name??? Beacase it did not tell me one it just said thunder clan join bramble start bla bla bla
20 days ago
Thunder clan ok I was pretty sure I was shadow clan but no complaints the quiz was fine
22 days ago
Name: Spottedpelt
Position: Warrior
A white tom with tan colored spots across his body and tan paws.
22 days ago
I'm not sure that my awsers were as espected...
26 days ago
WindClan forever [WindClan is my fav]
26 days ago
Name: Mapletail
Position: Deputy
A brown she-cat with white paws, belly and stripes
35 days ago
I suppose I am half clan, as I got RiverClan and ThunderClan.
Name: Frost'Puddle
Position: Warrior
A white and gray she-cat with an aggressive persona
37 days ago
Name: Sagedapple
Position: Warrior
41 days ago
(River Clan!
My name: Simmerpelt
My position: Warrior (currently a Queen)
48 days ago
my name:rainheart
my position:medicene cat
52 days ago
woohoo! i'm thunderclan cat! I really thought I would get shadow but I guess not! :)
55 days ago
Options in 7/14: Has SIlverstar
One of my OC's: Named Silverstar
Me: n o i c e

I got ShadowClan in all of my quizzes.
56 days ago
I got Thunderclan! Pretty accurate, but I think I would be in Skyclan if it was in this quiz :3
59 days ago
I got Thunderclan! This is my first time doing this and I'm proud of my clan and me!
64 days ago
I always get thunderclap :)
66 days ago
I got StarClan! On a previous quiz I got WindClan, so I was leader of WindClan, now in StarClan, and when they asked which name I would prefer, they picked my roleplay name. I'm super satisfied!
67 days ago
I got shadowclan my dream is coming true
68 days ago
I got river clan my favorite clan(eteal))