Which Warrior Cat Clan Are You In?

You think you belong with a clan of feral cats? After having to leave their forest home due to destruction by the two-legs, the feral cats divided into five separate clans. Which one would be the best fit for you?

Are you fierce and brave like a Thunderclan? Swift and loyal like a Windclan? Clever and strong like a Riverclan? Wily and proud like a Shadowclan? Or wise and secretive like a Starclan?

Find out here! Take the quiz now and in a few minutes you'll know which cool clan cat you are!

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    You find a loner in your territory eating some of your prey. What do you do?

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19 days ago
Lol idk why but my fav character is bristlefrost, and my second fav is hollyleaf
19 days ago
OMG I GOT STARCLAN!!!! Btw it can't be just me who's litteraly obsessed with warrior cat books I read all of them except the 2023 ones because the full series with be out only in November 😩 hate waiting lol

For 43% you are: Ready to see which pawsome warrior cat you are? Congrats! You got:


For you, there is no other clan to consider. You would be well admired there for your intuition, wisdom, and vast emotional intelligence.
This clan stands for wisdom and wonder. They are unified and seen as guides to other clans.
This clan is a bit different from others because they are the deceased warrior ancestors of the clans who live on in spirit form after dying. They watch over the living clan cats. The StarClan has no leader, it consists of many cats from all five clans, and they all work together.
Only the most honorable of cats can join this clan after their death, so you must have done something right! You closed your eyes and opened them to the StarClan. Your pelt glows with a light that makes it seem like there are stars in your fur.

"I know it looks like a land of mist and shadow, but I promise there is enough light to warm the darkest of hearts. From here, we watch over the Clans we have left behind."

This is my result
27 days ago
giggles in RiverClan
63 days ago
29% windclan, 29% riverclan & 29% thunderclan.. interesting xD
144 days ago
I allwas get firestar!!!!!!!!!!!!!
197 days ago
Kits: March`Kit, Daisy`Kit, Scratch`Kit
med: Violet`Heart
med app: Snake`Paw
205 days ago
yes claw shadowclans ears off
205 days ago
Wow great half ThunderClan Half Starclan
312 days ago
@froststar(frostwing), BEWARE!
312 days ago
RIVERCLAN is the BEST!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
312 days ago
yay! i got SHADOWCLAN! thunderclan mange-pelts must beware! P.S. i also like windclan and riverclan! :)
383 days ago
Occupation: Leader of ThunderClan
Pelt: White
Eyes: Sky blue
Fur Length: Long
Age: 3 yrs
Mate: Ravenwhisker
Kits: Spikekit, Maplekit, Branchkit, Blackkit (All living, approx. 1 month old)
Father: Iceclaw
Mother: Emberleaf
Deputy: Silverwing
383 days ago
ThunderClan yaaaay! Good luck ShadowClan...if you manage to get past the border you will be annihilated ;)
422 days ago
I got WindClan. A little odd, because my all-time worst enemy Warrior cat used to be the WindClan deputy in the books-
437 days ago
Savage love di-_--------
Continue 🥺
437 days ago
Name: Milky' Star
Role: Wind Clan Leader
Age: 21
Purr-sonally: Smart, Swift, Large, Strong, Loyal, Who Can Swim
Mate: Bat' Shout
Kits: Galaxy' Kit, Dark' Kit, And Lamb'Kit
Mother: Star's Haze
Father: Grave' Shout
Friends: None
437 days ago
Name:Islands' Whisper/Star
Mate: Shark' Tail
Role: Leader Of River Clan
Clan: River Clan
Personally: Kind,Loyal,She Cat, Strong, Large,And graceful
Kits: Sea'Kit and Reef'Kit
Mother: Oceans'Hiss
Father: Otter' Slip
Sister: Sea' Steam
Death: Old Age ( She is not dead this is how she dies )
Sister's Kits: Sand' Kit And Kelp'Kit
Sister's Mate: Dusk'Claw ( A shadow clan cat all so her sister is stolen at a young age by shadow clan so she is also a shadow clan member if you don't this I'm sorry)
Sister's Death: Fighting River Clan/ Fighting Islands' Star
Father's: Death Fighting Wind Clan
Mother's Death: Old Age
441 days ago
Past: ShadowClan- Windclan, as a refugee.
Age at death-6.9 years.
Cause of Death.Killed by Hawkfrost in the great battle.
Kits-BlackTail, HawkPaw
Father-S carFace
453 days ago
From ThunderClan. Is fast, kind, and a deputy
471 days ago
I am Skyheart the Windclan deputy. I moved with some of my family from Skyclan to Windclan. Half of my family was already in Windclan because they move to be mates with someone or something like that. The Skyclan cats didn't trust us, so we left. My brother, aunt, uncle, cousins and grandmother were already there. I was a young warrior when we moved. When my parents and me broke the news to the clan, they were angry. They said they knew our family was scum. My friend, Antleg, turned her back on me. Windclan didn't seem too surprised when we got there. Windclan welcomed us, and I was reunited with my brother. Over time I got comfortable in Windclan and got a new friend, Aspenwing. When I was in Skyclan, I was good friends with Cloudfur. She was nice. But she was quite a bit older than me, and became a warrior whe I became an apprentice. At gatherings when I moved to Windclan, I chatted with Cloudfur's sister, Moonstrike. We became best friends and couldn't wait to see each other at the gatherings. But I fell in love with a Riverclan cat named Copperclaw. He's handsome and a really good swimmer. He was amazed by me, too. I could tell. He starred at me and whenever we had to share a word, he tried to avoid looking at me and he stuttered when he talked. I know I've seen him stare in awe whenever he saw chasing a rabbit. That was across the border, of course. We don't break the code. Especailly since we were both deputies. Actually, Longstar is the Windclan leader. He's my grandfather, too. My dad, Cedarpelt, is so proud of the both of us. The only problem is that he was super proud when the medicine cat, Poppyshade, said I was pregnant. He didn't know I was pregnant with Copperclaw's kits. I slowly eased into talking to my brother, Branchnose about it. I could tell he had no interest caring for any more kits, since he already had some kits with his mate, Cherryleaf. Too add on to the stress, Longstar died right about when I gave birth. The clan decided who would fill in for me at the moment. Majority ruled, Amberclaw would act as leader for the time-being. I tried to tell Poppyshade I should choose my deputy right then and there, but she insisted I should rest. I was releaved when Poppyshade didn't recognize Copperclaw in Rootkit and Heatherkit. I still had Sunkit, too. Even though I loved my kits so very dearly and wanted to stay, I had to get Amberclaw out of his position. He was changing Windclan into a blood-thirsty battle clan. He's a cold cat. THough handsome and charming and strong he may be, he is cold and cares about no one but his own selfish needs. Some of Amerclaw's followers tried to stop me from becoming Skystar. I over-heard a cat even say I shouldn't be leader. "Her name is a disgrace to Windclan." I couldn't beleive it when that cat was Branchnose! Why is outraged when I found Amberclaw had gone to the Starpool already, "thinking Skyheart let him be leader" Such an excuse! Pathetic! I was outraged but Branchnose and other cats said I'd have to "wait my turn to become leader" Rootpaw, Heatherpaw and Sunpaw took my side, but it was n use. When Sunpaw died in a battle Amberstar caused against Shadowclan, I had almost lost hope. I talked to Copperclaw, now Copperstar one evening inside Riverclan's territory. I suggested me moving into Riverclan with Rootpaw and Heatherpaw. Copperstar told me to not loose hope. But if worst comes to worst, we would discuss. So I'm still living in Windclan, even plotting Amberstar's death. He has killed many cats, and it's time for him to move to the dark forest. I'm also praying with Starclan, wishing Cedarpelt will have a safe passage into Starclan from the battlefeild and for my mom, Ryestem, to join Cedarpelt when she dies from the elders den.