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Get Your Warrior Cat Name, Pelt Color & Clan Now By Playing This Quiz!

Warrior Cats are a-MEOW-zing! OK, not such a great pun, but this is a great test! It will tell you what your Warrior Cat name, pelt color & clan are! Play my quiz now to find out! And please share with your friends who are also as curious as cats about their Warrior Cat info!

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    Which Clan do you want to be in?
    Which Clan do you want to be in?

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10 hours ago
I got Grassripple!!! I'm a gentle she-cat with blue eyes and a tabby coat. I'm the deputy of RiverClan, and I have a tiny crush on Adderfang of Windclan.

OMG!!! I love my new name!!
2 days ago
You got Lightecho, a brown and white tom with bright, gorgeous yellow eyes. Meow-za! Look at those golden globes glow! You're the medicine cat of ShadowClan. Without you and your healing powers, your clan would die off purr-ty quickly! You're a hero to all the other Warrior Cats!

Thanks for playing! As a treat, here's some interesting info about your Clan!

ShadowClan are proud, loyal, defensive, and purr-haps slightly arrogant. They often seem to be misunderstood. The other Clans see them as jingoistic, aggressive, ambitious, and greedy for more territory. It's been said that when the Clans were in the forest, that the cold north wind of the mountains chilled the ShadowClan warriors' hearts. However, as Rock states in Cats of the Clans, ShadowClan have the smallest amount of territory and prey, which might justify their willingness to add anything to the fresh-kill pile. Even though their fierce warriors and hostile leaders gave ShadowClan their reputation, their leader Dawnstar led Firestar to believe ShadowClan was not always as unfair and cruel as they seem now. Their main prey are reptiles and amphibians like lizards and frogs. They are careful not to eat crow-food. They also hunt rats when prey is scarce. ShadowClan cats hunt best at night and are better than others at sneaking through undergrowth. In battle, ShadowClan cats use shadows as an advantage.
3 days ago
You got Grassripple!

You are a gentle she-cat with blue eyes and a silver tabby pelt. You are the deputy of RiverClan, and have a tiny crush on Adderfang of WindClan. Talk about soft kitties! (Don't you remember the sweet song from TV's Big Bang Theory?) All the other Warrior Cats want a pelt as soft as yours and to smell sweet like the grass you love to roll around in!

Thanks for playing! As a treat, here's some interesting info about your Clan!

RiverClan consider StarClan to be their warrior ancestors. They used to live on the reedy, pebbly plain near a river with very few trees, but now live in a patch of land surrounded by two streams. RiverClan cats are known for their amazing skills at fishing and love for the water. They also love beautiful things and are known to collect rocks, shells, and feathers to decorate their dens. They eat mainly fish, and sometimes also water voles, shrews, and mice. They are contented, sleek, well-fed cats with well-groomed fur. They are known to be clever and graceful but are perceived outside their Clan as being stubborn and lazy. Their long fur and glossy coats are an asset while swimming. RiverClan gets fatten themselves on fish during greenleaf in preparation for leaf-bare. RiverClan cats dislike adding birds to their fresh-kill pile Sometimes other Clan cats call them "fish-faces," or "fish-breath." They are quite strong swimmers and move through the water as if they are part of it. Their lightning reflexes help them scoop fish from the bank. RiverClan cats are usually well-fed, even during leaf-bare, and their sleek and handsome pelts are often something the Twolegs are attracted to. Many Twolegs take these cats to live in their homes, although RiverClan keeps quiet about it because many of those cats do not ever come back.thats who i got
3 days ago
didn't mean that to be there
3 days ago
Mapleshadedabest undefined why did you pick Yarrowleaf? Do you want to have a deputy that kills all the cats over you borders?
143 days ago
i chose the deputy who kills cats
143 days ago
I gotLightecho, At least im shadowclan, and med cat which i both love. Shadowclan da best
165 days ago
well- her real name is MoonClaw but her brother is dawnLEAF :0
197 days ago
You got Tigerwhisper, a black and gray tabby tom with brown eyes. Your mate is Silentwing and your kits are Moonkit, Goldenkit, Dovekit, Shinekit, Crowkit, Shinepelt, Goldenflight, Moonleaf, Dovefeather and Crowclaw.
199 days ago
I got Lightecho and te medicine cat of Shadowclan
204 days ago
I'm Grassripple, a gentle she-cat with blue eyes and a silver tabby pelt. You are the deputy of RiverClan, and have a tiny crush on Adderfang of WindClan.

I am Windclan deputy, Skyheart, not Riverclan deputy! I have a crush on Copperclaw from Windclan, a warrior. I have am yellow-ish like the sun and have blue eyes like the sky, hence my name.
213 days ago
I agree with TumbleFlight, Almost everyone got Grassripple, I'm begging !Please add more names!
214 days ago
To many people got the same one- I’m doing a different test.
214 days ago
I also got grass ripple!
216 days ago
I got Grassripple. It’s a good name I would say.
219 days ago
This was actually quite fun of finding my warrior cat. Name! I do suggest to not have the timer in the quiz cause it’s a bit annoying. I got lightecho and I’m actually happy with it and I have a tiny crush on adder fang who is in wind clan?? They were in thunder clan not wind clan but this quiz was kinda fun.
239 days ago
I got Grassripple! Wow so many people got that.
269 days ago
I only get Grass Dapple! I played it 4 times for starclans sake
269 days ago
I don’t know why they put Adder fang as WindClan while in Crooked star’s promise he was clearly ThunderClan!
295 days ago
I got Grassripple, I don`t REALLY like the name, but I DO want to be a Deputy, like Squirrelflight! And I do want to be in RiverClan! So I changed my name, I`m now called Moonpaws