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What Are My Warrior Cat Name, Pelt Color & Clan?

Have you been wondering what your Warrior Cat name, pelt color and clan are? Well, if so, it's time to find out! Take my quiz now, and please share with your friends who are also as curious as cats about these things!

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    Which Clan do you want to be in?
    Which Clan do you want to be in?

Comments (173)


14 days ago
I only get Grass Dapple! I played it 4 times for starclans sake
14 days ago
I don’t know why they put Adder fang as WindClan while in Crooked star’s promise he was clearly ThunderClan!
40 days ago
I got Grassripple, I don`t REALLY like the name, but I DO want to be a Deputy, like Squirrelflight! And I do want to be in RiverClan! So I changed my name, I`m now called Moonpaws
44 days ago
Ugh i got Grassripple i hate the name and i dont want to be dep
64 days ago
Man I don't know how old these comments really are.
64 days ago
I got Lightecho, Medicine Cat Of Shadow Clan.
99 days ago
Ready for your result? You got Grassripple! You are a gentle she-cat with blue eyes and a silver tabby pelt. You are the deputy of RiverClan, and have a tiny crush on Adderfang of WindClan. is what it said. SO MANY PEOPLE GOT GRASSRIPPLE AAHA
116 days ago
I got Grassripple too! I am a warrior! Not a deputy.
118 days ago
I got Grassripple. i hate that name. it says i am shy and deputy! i am a med cat! and lets just say i am NOT shy. very sad with my resutles.
123 days ago
agh i got grassripple all the quizs i take im always deputy
148 days ago
I got Lightecho. I don't think this is really a good name.
155 days ago
I’m a she-cat, not a Tom. And am a loyal STARCLAN/SkyClan warrior! This can’t POSSIBLY be right. Besides, kitty pets trust me, not fear me!
155 days ago
I got juniperstar/juniperpelt. But really I'm moonsplash
208 days ago
Ready for your result? You got Lightecho, a brown and white tom with bright, gorgeous yellow eyes. You are the medicine cat of ShadowClan. Good for you!
267 days ago
Huh! I got Tigerwhisper, even though I picked she cat and I don't have kits or a 'crush' I agree with the rest of the comments...its just random
281 days ago
I am the medicine cat of shadowclan, I have a dark gray pelt and bright green eyes,, and I am strick but gentle.I wanted to be a warrior but the former medicine cat got a prophecy saying i was to be the next medicine cat.
282 days ago
I got lighteco, so dissapointing. I should find another test, since i want to find my OWN name! not some other cat's! And lighteco doeesn't mactch any of my options, wich seemed straight forward. I believe it just randomizes these results!
303 days ago
I am a medicine cat you quiz!!
303 days ago
Ready for your result? You got Tigerwhisper, a black and gray tabby tom with brown eyes. Your mate is Silentwing and your kits are Shinepelt, Goldenflight, Moonleaf, Dovefeather and Crowclaw.
309 days ago
I’m in shadowclan even though I am a good guy like are you kidding and I’m a medicine cat even though I selected warrior