Your Warrior Cat Clan

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In this quiz, find out which Clan you are loyal to in Erin Hunter’s world of Warrior Cats!
**This quiz only reveals your Clan. To find out your Warrior Cat rank, check out my other quizzes.**

  • 1
    On a sunny, peaceful day, where do you find yourself?
  • 2
    If a leader seemed convinced that your Clan must wage war, what do you do?
  • 3
    You’re fighting in a terrible battle. A medicine cat, a kit, and the deputy are all being attacked at once! Who will you save??

  • 4
    You like a cat from a different Clan! Currently, the Clans believe that this is against the code. Will you act upon your crush?
  • 5
    Your patrol has accidentally crossed the border, and an enemy Clan’s patrol is coming! What shall you do?
  • 6
    A young warrior has your kits, but you already have a mate! What will you do??

  • 7
    The leader wants you to switch to a medicine cat, even though you’ve already gone through apprentice training and are a warrior! What shall you do??
  • 8
    The other cats in the Clans are talking about you! They say…?
  • 9
    You have to choose wether to train with your close littermate or your new best friend! Such a small choice will impact which wants to hang out with you in the future. So you choose…?
  • 10
    Which would you eat, if you had to eat one?

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85 days ago
Same!! i got rc. i personally think they're the smartest clan...but that's just me :)
86 days ago
River clan! XD