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Are you a warrior cat at heart, lacking only a name? Well, my quiz will tell you what your warrior cat name should be. Just answer the questions according to your opinion - there are no right or wrong answers. Have fun!

  • 1
    Which do you prefer? Tom or She-Cat?
  • 2
    What is your favorite color?
  • 3
    In what order would you save your: leader, mate, kit(s), friend(s), elder?

  • 4
    Do you consider yourself an evil cat or a good cat?
    Do you consider yourself an evil cat or a good cat?
  • 5
    Which rank would you prefer?
  • 6
    RP: A vicious fox invades your camp! What do you do?

  • 7
    Which clan do you prefer?
  • 8
    Do you want a mate?
  • 9
    You have feelings for another clan cat. What do you do?
  • 10
    Your friend has a huge secret. You've been asked not to tell it to anyone else. What do you do?

Comments (389)


15 days ago
i got darkpelt 2!!! ugh!
22 days ago
Uhg! Always Darkpelt! Blech! I did the nicest things, but NO!
30 days ago
I was here last year? In Aug 2020?
30 days ago
Ok, so this is how this site works:You get points depending on what question u answer, so it doesn't work like I want Wc, so I am in Wc! It does a random cat, no whatmatter ,
35 days ago
You are RabbitStar. You are the leader of RiverClan! You are a lean and muscular She-Cat with a strong build. You love to help your clan mates and will give never give up on anyone! You have plenty of friends and are loyal.
35 days ago
I got SlickClaw or something
44 days ago
WHY did I get Darkpelt (well it describes me a bit - I am stubborn) but I do like to make friends and I'm DEFINITELY not NASTY! And ShadowClan is my second-least favourite Clan except for WindClan.
53 days ago
I am apparently rabbitstar of riverclan which is my 2nd favorite clan so I am OK w/ it. And also Mothberry is in CreekClan which is basically my RiverClan:)
88 days ago
Sorry for the auto correcting I ment I wanted kits and friends she-cat sweet WINDCLAN not shadow clan I hate shadow clan I did not even pick that and it said it
88 days ago
I got You are Darkpelt. You are a nasty Tom with a very stubborn-looking face. You don't get along with anybody well. You are part of the ShadowClan. You have no apprentice and are a strong, muscular Tom with a pitch-black pelt. You have very dramatic blue eyes and don't like to make friends. I chose something completely different I wanted to meet kids I was a female I wanted to be in wind clan this is completely off and 😘sorry but the name generator just totally off UGHHH
93 days ago
I got Daisywing! I CHOSE EVERY EVIL CHOICE!!! Daisywings' description- "You're a beautiful she-cat with many friends. You can be trusted no matter what. You love kits and would love a mate. If the leader needed a new deputy, you would be chosen for sure. You are curious but always tell the truth. Your apprentice is a young tom named Violentpaw. Your great warrior skills will be passed on for many generations! You are a part of WindClan. You have a creamy brown pelt with golden eyes." 1. I'm not a nice cat, I'm evil. 2. I chose ThunderClan, not WindClan. 3. I would NEVER have a mate or kits! 4. I would lie to my Clan, not tell the truth. And 5. I do not have a lot of friends!
123 days ago
i got RabbitStar too and i picked shadowclan not riverclan
126 days ago
Same, rabbitstar. I chose ThunderClan and was the leader of RiverClan XD
154 days ago
I said I want to be a warrior, and I picked thunder clan, and I WAS THE LEADER OF RIVER CLAN!!!!!!!!
185 days ago
Got' Shrewclaw but I am A MEDICINE CAT!!!!!!!! but I did make a fanfic called the cat of the rain.
200 days ago
i got darkpelt when I entered things nice cats would do
233 days ago
Im a she cat not a tom called Shrewclaw!
241 days ago
Jeeze i did the test again and i got Darkpelt... IM NOT A TOM!!! EEEEEEK
241 days ago
What the... i got Rabbitstar of Riverclan... and i like Thunderclan and i like to be warrior! :(
268 days ago
I got Rabbitstar of RiverClan and I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIVERCLAN;)