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Bello! How are you? This quiz will tell you what Warrior Cat you'll be!

  • 1
    What Clan are you?
  • 2
    Are you a She-Cat or a Tom?
  • 3
    Which Rank do you most want?

  • 4
    In what order will you save these in? Leader, Deputy, Medicine Cat, Kit, Your mate.
  • 5
    Would you consider yourself to evil or nice?
  • 6
    Dark Forest or StarClan?

  • 7
    Your Kit and your Leader are sick, and your Medicine Cat only has herbs to heal one. Who do you choose?
  • 8
    What is your favorite Color?
  • 9
    Do you like the day or the night?
  • 10
    Did you like the quiz?

Comments (22)


11 days ago
Hi! If you got a tom and you are a girl it is no harm... because it just matches you up with what you personaitly is and if yours is mean, rude you might of gotton StoneHeart... if y ours is kind and medince cat AmberTail. No matter
546 days ago
So I said she cat and my result was a tom. Opinions?
882 days ago
Lol i did the test again and i got Berryjaw again. Lolllllllll. I dont likkkeee the nameee Berryyyjawww
882 days ago
I am a beautiful she cat named Berryjaw. Uhhh i dont rlly like meh name. I live in River Clan and i have a crush in... SHADOWCLAN!? I tend to sneak off to meat him and i dont have an apprentice yet cause meh clan mates dont trust me for leaving the camp so much... my closest friend is a tom named Patchpelt, my littermate.
973 days ago
Welp. I hate my name in this quiz. So I’m gonna tell everyone this- I am a dark gray she-cat with light amber eyes from WindClan.

1205 days ago
I am a tom named Windfluff of Shadowclan, I’m a medicine cat. I’m willing to help anyone! No matter what clan! Nice.
1216 days ago
I'm Sunflowerpaw. I'm a curious apprentice with bright green eyes,and I love to learn and explore.I'm apart of ThunderClan. If I were a warrior I'd be picked to be deputy.
1516 days ago
You are a beautiful She-Cat named Berryjaw. You live in RiverClan and have a crush in ShadowClan. You tend to sneak off to go see your crush. You don't have an Apprentice yet, because no one really trusts you because you are always gone. Your closet friend is a Tom named Patchpelt, your littermate.

Berryjaw... BERRYJAW
no thats horrible
1522 days ago
Flameheart, foxtalon, deerheart, nightstorm, pick a name.
1534 days ago
my answer wuz boring so i'll tell u my real OC. My name is Thunderclaw, i'm the deputy of a new clan named CavernClan, I'm a she-cat w/no mate
1573 days ago
Why do I keep getting in riverclan in these quiz’s? I’m a newborn kit in ThunderClan :)
1716 days ago
My first reaction was : TOM?!?! DO I LOOK LIKE A TOM TO YOU?!?!? The i said, ooh. Windfluff. Cool name. I might use that in a fan fic of mine... btw, can I?
1722 days ago
i got WindFluff to
1722 days ago
owo 0w0 owo
1730 days ago
Branchpaw? Dat's NOT me! I am a deputy of Light Clan! *puffs out chest proudly* I am loyal and mysterious... Not a tree hugger. AND I'M A GIRL NOT A GUY! seriously? lol
1733 days ago
I lov my name😀😀😀
1746 days ago
I got Windfluff. It sound more like a SkyClan name then a ShadowClan name....
1753 days ago
I'm Berryjaw. Seriously??? I would NOT sneak off with Shadowclan!!! At least I'm female. :-P
1766 days ago
Me: girl, Warrior, windclan
Test: You are a Tom named Windfluff. You are part of ShadowClan, you are loyal to your Clan. You are a Medicine Cat who loves to learn more and more about herbs. You are willing to go of your way to help ANY cat, Bo matter the Clan, in need.
1766 days ago
I said I was a she cat but it made me a tom.