Warriors Quiz: What is your rank?

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Are you a leader, deputy, medicine cat, warrior, queen or rogue/loner? Find it out for yourself and have fun.

  • 1
    Who in your life has always been the most important person on the world?
  • 2
    RP: You are on a border patrol with your clan leader, your friend and your mate; when you suddenly hear a hiss and everyone except yourself is pinned down, from an enemy clan. One enemy cat, actually your friend, is pinning down your mate. What will you do?
  • 3
    Which rank is your favorite?

  • 4
    What would you if you had a free day?
  • 5
    Would you break the warrior code?
  • 6
    RP: The clan camp is being attacked! You see your mate pinned down, but at the same time a struggling elder, trying to fight of a huge tom and a kit walking straight into the fangs of an enemy warrior. Who will you save?

  • 7
    RP: A fire is in camp. All clan members have left already, except your leader, your mate, an elder and a kit. Who will you save when?
  • 8
    RP: It is leaf-bare and you are in camp. First your mate comes toward you and asks if you could take care for your kit this day. Shortly after that your clan deputy asks you to take the dawn patrol. Again you nod. Now the medicine cat comes towards you and again you're being asked for something-to collect catnip, till sun high. And again you nod. What will you do?
  • 9
    Describe yourself!
  • 10
    Would you sacrifice your life to save your clan?

Comments (136)


14 days ago
My Oc's name is Northwind of Riverclan. Her mother was Dropletnose, and she was raised with her cousin, Gingerfur (My sisters Oc) and her brother Oakheart. She was a feared warrior, and had three kits, Shadowtail, Smokefur, and Spottedpelt. She was ingered by a badger and became med.
42 days ago
Im a medicine cat i just know it im riverclan BTW
64 days ago
My Oc Gladetail is the medicine cat of Thunderclan. She’s a few generations below Jayfether ( (not a grand kit )) She loves tree climbing and her best freind is Whitenose a deputy
72 days ago
Took for my OC Goldenstar and she’s the leader!! The previous leader made a good choice.
72 days ago
I took this test for my other OC Stormcloud and I got rogue. In her life she was exiled from her clan and got revenge. She definitely belongs a rogue!
72 days ago
I took this test for my OC Blackstripe and I got medicine cat! Blackstripe belongs in her position 😀
77 days ago
I am Featherheart of SkyClan, I am their deputy.
164 days ago
i am Daisyfur of RiverClan, and I'm medicine cat.
172 days ago
I got medicine cat. I am actually learning about the herbs. About correct.
172 days ago
Im a medicine cat! YYAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so exited to collect herbs!!!!!!!!!!!!~!!!!!!!!!!

#iveneverbee nthisexitedinmyentirelife! YYAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!
216 days ago

deputy with a special connection to starclan. Very brave and fierce and would do anything to protect my clan! ^^
216 days ago
I got deputy about to become leader, with a special connection to StarClan. ^^
218 days ago
I got Deputy with a Special Connection to StarClan! -~- All the Fools Bow Down to Me -~- Long Live Venomclan!!!
239 days ago
I am the almighty medicine cat of WindClan and you shall all bow down before me and Onestar MUAHAHA >:3

Ok Ok, my OC is actually a deputy, he lost his rank, then dies sooo... :)BOW DOWN TO ME PEASANT! OR YOU SHALL DIEEEEEEE A PAINFUL DEEEAAAATHHHH
254 days ago
i got deputy and have a special connection with starclan
254 days ago
i got deputy and have a special connection with starclan.
256 days ago
I got medicine cat, I love helping other cats heal.
266 days ago
Well... I got deputy. I guess that's close, as I was a deputy before (DUH) as Ghostheart/Ghostfur (Fur became Heart. Don't ask why)
266 days ago
Medicine cat! Yes, like I am! Well... before I joined starclan-
280 days ago
I am deputy of cake clan >:3 and soon to be leader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!