What is your warrior cats role?

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  • 1
    You are a kit, and your litter mates are going to sneak out the camp and try and attack a fox. What do you do?
  • 2
    You end up going and your blind brother gets injured. What do you do?
  • 3
    You are now an apprentice, and you spot a fox whilst out in the forest with your mentor. What do you do?

  • 4
    You have earned your warrior name and there is a big battle against the enemy Clan. Your Leader, Mate and apprentice are all about to be killed. Who do you save in what order? (I KNOW THIS IS ONLY FOR WARRIORS)
  • 5
    What do you do after the battle?
  • 6
    What role do you want to be?

  • 7
    Okay medicine cat part... What is Comfrey used for?
  • 8
    What do you do in your free time?
  • 9
    Penultimate question! What do you love?
  • 10
    Last question! What is your favourite place?

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51 days ago
You are a WindClan warrior named Stormcloud. You are a loyal cat who can one day grow up to be a good leader, or just choose to be a normal warrior. Your choice! You are a dark grey tom with green eyes. From ~ YEET_SILVERSTAR_YEET
172 days ago
I’m Juniper’heart, I’m a warrior in thunder clan. I was born before all of my brothers and sisters, blind’eye, black’betray, small’tree, and brown’life. When we were app at at our mother and father died in a battle. A week after that, we were allowed to join a battle, sadly, we were still app age and our mentors, blue’mind, strong’mind (mine), short’life, broken’whisker, and ripe’life, got badly injured, blue’mind died of loosing blood, we wished him to go to star clan, then we walked back to camp, when we were at adult age the leader and the deputy died (my mentor), I became a leader.. for ages it has been hard for me, thinking of my mother and father, mentor and leader, being in starclan, soon later I had kits, spot’heart and rainbow’thunder, I was leader for many, many years.
172 days ago
Erm this is really confusing.
345 days ago
uhh... so close i got medicine cat but i am a true riverclan not thunder clan. (Unless im with my other true clan eagleclan) #Warriorsyas cats
381 days ago
I am a Queen! THE KITS!!! Cloudkit put that down!
411 days ago
You are a medicine cat called Snowfur! You are a completely white she-cat with blue eyes, one blind. You sort out herbs and are loyal to ThunderClan and ThunderClan alone.
411 days ago
THX .......but i dont like the names they gave my kits sorry quiz maker:)
411 days ago
.............BTW I am not skystar my bestie is;)nice Skystar!!!!
411 days ago
You are a queen named Heatherstorm of RiverClan. You are a light brown she-cat with a dark grey muzzle and tail. You love to look after the kits and care for them. You have three kits of your own, now all warriors: Stormcloud, Clawfoot and Birchtail.
466 days ago
What is your warrior cats role?
For 50% you are: You are the leader of ShadowClan called Sandstar! You love the pine forest, and marsh, and you are a light brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes. You are loyal to ShadowClan, and will lead them well through the seasons.
475 days ago
I Got StreamPaw an apprentice wow
596 days ago
I am SnowFur. I am ThunderClan medicine cat. I am a she cat with a white pelt. I am loyal to ThunderClan and ThunderClan alone. The way I died was being hit by a monster. My mentor was HalfTail. My mother and father were MoonFlower and StormTail. My sister is BlueFur, although she does become BlueStar in the future. My mate is ThistleClaw and my kit is WhiteKit, but he is known as WhiteStorm now. I had a foster daughter named MossKit but died while following my sister, BlueFur. I told my sister that it had been MossKit’s time to die and led MossKit’s spirit to StarClan happily.
606 days ago
The sad part of my life is that I’m in love with a medicine cat
606 days ago
758 days ago
Snowfur med cat is I!
829 days ago
Leader_ i mean sorry
829 days ago
Sandstar im the leaser og shadowclan!!
831 days ago
I’m Freckleface! I was a loyal ThunderClan warrior. I was born after
Sunhigh in Newleaf. I have one littermate, Cloudwing. When Cloudwing and I were new apprentices, our mother, Birdfeather, died in an accident, falling in the river while some apprentices were playing around. It took me a while to forgive Spottedpaw and Gorsepaw. Our father, the clan leader, Whitestar, grieved, but eventually moved on. Well, sorta. He became closer to us, which isn’t an entirely bad thing. In fact, the only bad thing is what caused it. We became warriors, along with Spottedwillow and Gorsepatch. Later, Cloudwing and I received Flashpaw and Swiftpaw to mentor. At that time, tensions were rising between ThunderClan and SkyClan. A battle broke out. We had a plan to use SkyClan’s classic move, the Sky Drop, against them. Cloudwing and Flashpaw were in the trees ready to pounce, when a SkyClan Warrior, Adderclaw, was and climbed higher and jumped on them. Cloudwing slipped. Both warriors dangled. Flashpaw dived for her mentor’s scruff as he was about to fall, but his weight was greater. Both fell to the ground while Adderclaw hoisted himself up, horror frozen on his face. My brother and his apprentice would never fight in a battle, or another one for that matter. The battle stopped before it even had time to get worse. The leaders called it off. My father and I grieved, but became happy when his kits were born from his mate, Redspot. Dapplekit, Willowkit, and Patchkit had his spirit and talent. I made sure that Redspot had enough prey. Everything was great until I found out something. Redspot was half-clan and Adderclaw was her brother! Everyone thought her father was a dead warrior, Leopardglare. She helped her brother start the battle. She had been meeting at the border with him! I told Whitestar and he exiled her and 💝ed her to SkyClan to tell their leader. We left her kits there since there was no queens in ThunderClan. Adderclaw and Redspot left as rouges. So life was back to normal. But Redspot blamed Adderclaw for changing her life so negatively she made him kill for her then killed him. Thing is I was a victim. I was murdered and left for predators.
831 days ago
30% Stormcloud of WindClan
30% Sandstar of ShadowClan
My score wasn’t clear
857 days ago
I got 50% thunderclan med cat named Snowfur. Completely white she-cat and blue eyes (doesn't that mean I could be deaf?) and one eye is blind.