Warriors name and rank

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Hello, I am Hawkstar, leader of HuntClan. Let's get you you name Clan and rank.

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    You love Graystripe, the medicine cat, but also Darkclaws, a strong warrior. Who do you choose?

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    RP: You catch Bluestream kitting close to AshClan territory. A tortoiseshell tom that reeks of AshClan comes and helps her kit. Later, Bluestream comes and claims she had found the kits after her journey to badger-place close to AshClan. What do you do?
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    You find out your father was from SkullClan. What now?

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    You have kits! Names?
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    Almost done! Eye color?
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    Um... The leaders of the Clans! Favorite?

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75 days ago
@Flowerpaw, yes that's fine.
81 days ago
I'm lilyear! A loyal HuntClan cat. I'm white. My mate is Darkleaf, a black tom. I'm expecting
103 days ago
i am flowerpaw of MeadowClan, and I need a warrior name and name for my mentor
103 days ago
Hawkstar can you make a quiz to see which of these clans were in? Because I want to know clan, not warrior name!
103 days ago
what should be my warrior name? pls answer I don't know and I NEED one.
151 days ago
I got Lynxsight and thank you quiz for actually following the answers I answered!!!!
181 days ago
Help I am about to be made a warrior and I really need a suffix!!! If you have one to suggest to me please email me at emilymaccowan@outlook.com
202 days ago
Pearlspeckle, why not?
229 days ago
im a she cat and got a tom >:d
267 days ago
Oh yeah I got lynxsight that matches my name yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!
278 days ago
I dont like how they made custom clans :/
306 days ago
I got lyxnsight. Yay! Even though i am leader of shadowclan!
320 days ago
You are Lilyear! A loyal HuntClan cat. You are white. Your mate is Darkleaf, a black tom. You are expecting. It did not say if I was a med cat but I chose the med cat answers( exept for the kits Needlekit, tigerkit ,and fernkit ) meow
328 days ago
You are Lynxsight! A loyal AshClan she-cat. You are deputy and have a lynx-spotted pelt. Your apprentice is Cloudpaw, a white tom. Your mate died but you have one kit, Fishtail, a golden she-cat.
333 days ago
Lynxsight is also my character name for Mossstream’s and Cresentclaw’s adopted kit
355 days ago
Lynxsight! OMG GOOD JOB!
375 days ago
Lilyear. But AshClan rules!
383 days ago
I got Poppypelt. I AM NOT IN SKULLCLAN