What ThunderClan leader are you?

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It’s Fan of Warrriors again! My last version of this quiz didn’t work so I’m trying again. DO NOT TAKE IF YOU HAVE NOT READ WARRIORS AND YOU ARE NOT REALLY A TRUE FAN OF WARRIORS! Thanks so much! The three most important leaders.

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149 days ago
I got 54%Firestar my second favorite cat in thunderclan 31% Bramblestar and 15% Blue star I like it
463 days ago
Mostly Bluestar and Bramblestar. Then Firestar
535 days ago
771 days ago
774 days ago
I like Firestar best the main character, who was in the first book! I'm Daisyfur, RiverClans medicine cat (I know Firestar in the whole first set of books)
792 days ago
hope you all liked my quiz! I uh, think it’s mine. I’m digging up quizzes I made a while ago. Hope you enjoy
834 days ago
I got 54% BlueStar, yes! 38% FireStar, and 8% BrambleStar, all of them are awesome cats and amazing leaders!!!
1059 days ago
I got 77 percent Bluestar and 23 percent Bramblestar (in my opinion Bluestars the best)
1082 days ago

(I admit, I tried to get Blue Star)
1160 days ago
I’m Firestar
1237 days ago
I am a golden she-cat with lighter yellow spots. I have fluffy,long fur(unlike my two littemates) I have one blazing blue eye and a gentle grey eye. I am mistakingly judged that I am shy because of my apperance,but I'm quite energetic.My mother is FernFoot,my father is SmokeEar, and my two she-cat littermates are AquaStone and MoonDust. My used to be mentor was BronzeClaw and I shared him with a tom named GolenStream. Nice to meet all of you!
1237 days ago
I got 38% Bramblestar....Don't really like him, but I got 31% BLUESTAR!!!! BEST LEADER IN MY OPINION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
1243 days ago
Ok I got Bluestar but is my name Bluestar (no it’s not) my name is Moonsong and I’m the Deputy of MoonClan (made up the clan) I’m a tortoiseshell that’s grey and white mostly silver my mother is Spottedfern and my father Brackenfire. I have to sisters both alive named Quaztclaw and Starblaze oh and my eyes are crystal blue. May StarClan light your path.
1295 days ago
And by the way, (Just a brief summary of myself) my name is Irisfall and I'm the Medicine Cat of IceClan. (A Clan I made up) I am a night-black she-cat with unusual black tabby stripes and sky-blue eyes. My mother is Mintfeather and my father is Shatteredstone. I have a deceased sister named Eaglekit and a brother named Shatteredstone. May StarClan light your paths. :)
1295 days ago
I got 46% Firestar, 31% Bluestar and 23% Bramblestar. They're all good cats and they're all good leaders.
1301 days ago
Join Sunclan!!!!!! Be Awesome!
1301 days ago
I am Nothing like Bramblestar!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!! Always trying to find peace!
1329 days ago
I am Firestar the awesome!
1359 days ago
I got 54 percent Firestar 23 percent Blustar and 23 percent Bramblestard. All awesome leaders!
1401 days ago
Dark brown tabby with yellow eyes
ShadowClan (formerly), StarClan
Killed by Cloudclaw
Kit: Tigerkit
Father: Oakfoot
Mother: Daisystar
Sisters: Birdclaw, Frecklekit