The Warrior Persona of a She-Cat!

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If you love the Warrior cats series by Erin Hunter than this quiz is for you!

  • 1
    What do you look like?
  • 2
    What is your position in your Clan?
  • 3
    When you eat fresh-kill, who do you eat with?

  • 4
    A fire is raging in your territory. Your Clan must escape. Who do you help out of camp?
  • 5
    Your Clan is attacked by another. What do you do?
  • 6
    What do you enjoy most?

  • 7
    At a Gathering, who will you normally speak to?
  • 8
    What's your favorite prey?
  • 9
    Do you have a mate?
  • 10
    What sounds best?

Comments (113)


89 days ago
I got Graysong of SkyClan whatever she is
167 days ago
I got Specklefur of Windclan!
190 days ago
sorry I meant Specklefur
190 days ago
I got Tanglestar, Nightwillow and Secklefur.
208 days ago
i got nightwillow i had 7 kits YES
i will have kits till i DIE
240 days ago
You are SkyClan's deputy, Graysong. You've never wanted a mate or kits because your Clan is the most important thing to you. You support your leader and hope that your young Clan will become strong once again.
247 days ago
I'm sandpaw
333 days ago
My result was Graysong!
444 days ago
I got Nightwillow again.
492 days ago
I'm Nightwillow Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaba
495 days ago
I got Tangle'Star. TC forever!
628 days ago
I got Specklefur of WindClan!!! Personaly I love SkyClan the most but WindClan is my second fav!!! Specklefur is a she-cat warrior in WindClan that loves a RiverClan tom, and he loves her back!
895 days ago
i got greysong, the skyclan deputy
956 days ago
I got ThunderClan! I am ShadowClan!
966 days ago
Hi this was great i have kits! Yay! Im a utter fan wanting to be a cat i hope someday starclan takes me to be one!
989 days ago
For 60% you are: You are a WindClan warrior, Specklefur. You're very loyal, gentle, brave, and loving. However, you have one fault-you love a tom from RiverClan, and he loves you back. Will you ever have kits? Time will only tell...
991 days ago
I got firestar but I'm a girl?
998 days ago
So I got Tanglestar of thunderclap Wichita is my least favorite clan 😔 but I whanted to be a leader so🤪
1011 days ago
Oh Tigerstar is dead I am the new shadowClan leader! :D
1011 days ago
I just shortened my name to Blackfoot)