The Warrior Persona of a She-Cat!

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If you love the Warrior cats series by Erin Hunter than this quiz is for you!

  • 1
    What do you look like?
  • 2
    What is your position in your Clan?
  • 3
    When you eat fresh-kill, who do you eat with?

  • 4
    A fire is raging in your territory. Your Clan must escape. Who do you help out of camp?
  • 5
    Your Clan is attacked by another. What do you do?
  • 6
    What do you enjoy most?

  • 7
    At a Gathering, who will you normally speak to?
  • 8
    What's your favorite prey?
  • 9
    Do you have a mate?
  • 10
    What sounds best?

Comments (101)


153 days ago
i got greysong, the skyclan deputy
214 days ago
I got ThunderClan! I am ShadowClan!
224 days ago
Hi this was great i have kits! Yay! Im a utter fan wanting to be a cat i hope someday starclan takes me to be one!
247 days ago
For 60% you are: You are a WindClan warrior, Specklefur. You're very loyal, gentle, brave, and loving. However, you have one fault-you love a tom from RiverClan, and he loves you back. Will you ever have kits? Time will only tell...
250 days ago
I got firestar but I'm a girl?
256 days ago
So I got Tanglestar of thunderclap Wichita is my least favorite clan 😔 but I whanted to be a leader so🤪
269 days ago
Oh Tigerstar is dead I am the new shadowClan leader! :D
269 days ago
I just shortened my name to Blackfoot)
269 days ago
I am such a ShadowClan girl! I am the she-cat deputy under the NEW Tigerstar (Not the one who hates half-Clan cats, the one who IS Half-Clan) or I would be. The real human me is currently sitting at home, surrounded by 20 or so Warriors books, loathing Dovewing, and lamenting about Hollyleaf dying:( I am a stone-cold fan!
292 days ago
I am Nightwillow :( I have 8 kits!!
304 days ago
I got night willow!
333 days ago
Hey, don't fret over it I broke the warrior code as well.
333 days ago
I, sadly, got Specklefur of Windclan. I was hoping for something different since I love the water.
351 days ago
I got Graysong of....... WINDCLAN. I AM RIVERCLAN...... Ahhhhhhhhh.
371 days ago
I got Speckledfur, oh no I am breaking the warrior code!!!
389 days ago
I got a cat from each clan equal they were Tangledstar,Graysong,Nightwillow,Sandpaw , Speckledfur
421 days ago
Female leaders/deputies can have mates and kits.
434 days ago
Now I Graysong SkyClans deputy!
434 days ago
You are ThunderClan's leader, Tanglestar. You are strong and brave and well-loved by your Clan. You once loved a tom, Cloudpelt, but you couldn't be mates since you became deputy before he hardly noticed you. You wish you could have kits, but know this isn't possible.
436 days ago
I got Specklefur from WindClan I didn’t say I was in love tho