What warrior cat are you?(For she-cats((girls)))

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What's your clan, pelt color, eye color, ranking and warrior name? Find out in this quiz if you're a warrior fan! I'm pretty sure all of you have good instincts if you pick this quiz!

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    What's your second favourite prey?

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8 days ago
I got Mintflight. ShoadowClan and proud of it!
49 days ago
I got Ivy Star- Tbh I’m kinda surprised-
74 days ago
I got Cinderfall of windclan, tortoiseshell with brown eyes. Brown eyes does not exist in cats, and I don’t really like windclan but at least I got med catundefinedundefined
189 days ago
i got silverbreeze, deputy ,soon to be leader
201 days ago
I got so confused. I thought it was characters from the books.
219 days ago
im Mintflight and i am the best huntress in ShadowClan! ps: im night-black pelt!!!!
233 days ago
I got Ivystar yay to be honest I don't want to be Clan leader I wanted to be a warrior but yay I'm in tthunderclan I wouldn't want to be those maggy crow food eaters over in WindClan can you believe they attacked TunderClan just because we accept other cats to become one of us we saved them tons of times Onestar would probably be died without us WARRIORS FOREVER
254 days ago
Cool i got Ivystar
286 days ago
I ❤️ warrior cats
286 days ago
Wow, cool quiz I got Ivystar and I'm so happy with that I'm pretty sure that I will take the quiz again, thank you for making it
290 days ago
THIS IS THE GREATEST TEST EVER!!!!!!! I got Mintflight, a night black ShadowClan girl, the best huntress that EVER lived, and as close to the Warrior code as Hollyleaf *crys I loved her* I like Mintflight almost as much as MOTHBERRY!
291 days ago
******* Would, Windclan
291 days ago
You are Silverbreeze of WindClan. As deputy and later leader, you are sure-footed and follow the warrior code. You are also very wise and just with sparkling amber eyes and a plain grey pelt. Later in history your name will be famous. i whuld rather be med cat, but at lest i go win clan
334 days ago
I am Mintflight, a warrior of ShadowClan, the best huntress that ever lived. You were the one who convinced the clans ShadowClan was as loyal to the warrior code as them. You are patient but fierce and you are a great asset to any clan. You have a shimmering night-black pelt with bright yellow eyes which cheer everyone up.
336 days ago
I got silverstream! I love her!
352 days ago
I got Ivystar. hrm. sounds familer.
397 days ago
i got ivystar!!! aka ivyfeather
439 days ago
I got silver breeze, btw guys, I have some warrior cats names for you if you do warrior cat games on roblox: Rush Feather, Jaguar Splash, Red Blaze, Pigeon Nose, Heron Wing, Green Leaf, Silver Pool, Golden Dapple, blue frost, Yarrow Heart. Thanks guys! Oh yeah, and my user name is Animalgirl0796, so you can freind request me. WARRIOR CATS FOREVER!!!!!
465 days ago
I got Silverbreeze :)
494 days ago
I love med cats in obsessed with them!!