What is your Warrior Cat like?

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I'm Moonfrost of SkyClan. This determines and creates a Warriors OC(original character) for you! Do you like Warriors role play but can't make up a cat? Take this test! I don't mean to sound like a cheesy ad but I'm really excited, Just kidding, I'm bored. So why don't you just click on this test already? It's right here. *uses tail to signal start button* Hope to see you there!

  • 1
    What is your pelt/eye color? I'm a silver tabby with icy blue eyes. Why don't you pick yours now?
  • 2
    What is your dream rank? I know you're still a kit, so pick out your rank while you still can.
  • 3
    What is your prefix and suffix? The last two are pre-made names for you, if you like them. I hope you do because if not I wasted days writing with my claws in dirt.

  • 4
    How many littermates do you have? I have two. Thornfall and Sundusk. We're all she-cats, if you were wondering. I had a friend that had five kits. Poor thing was exhausted.
  • 5
    Who are your parents, little kit? I would like to meet them if I haven't already. She-cats names come first, for your information.
  • 6
    It's time for your apprentice ceremony! Yay! Who's your mentor and what skill do you practice first?

  • 7
    A large rouge Clan known as DeathClan is attacking your beloved home! What will you do? I know that I will stand beside you and fight, whatever you may do.
  • 8
    You ended up saving your Clan, and now you're a warrior. What is your quest now? I have kits to tend to so see you later.
  • 9
    Whoa! That's big. How do you plan to complete your quest?
  • 10
    You completed your quest? That's great! I can't believe you're deputy AND already have a cat that likes you. You're young, but will make a worthy leader. Oh, you wanted to become a medicine cat? You can always help them every now and then. Don't feel bad.

  • 11
    What's that? Is that mewling? Are you a parent already? Oh my StarClan! I'm so happy to hear that! How are they? How many are there? You must be exhausted. They keep you awake a lot, but wait until they're warriors! How many are there?
  • 12
    You're leader lost their ninth life? How sad! I know you'll be great though! I can't believe I almost raised you your whole life! Would I like to be deputy? StarClan no! I have kits, remember? What will you do now, as leader?
  • 13
    Well, looks like the end of the line. It's been great knowing you! I'll see you later. I wish to see you again soon. But, one last question. How did you like your life with me?

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239 days ago
ThunderClan leader! Loved the quiz Moonfrost!
239 days ago
I LOVE THIS QUIZ!!! Really good!
477 days ago
nice quiz Moonfrost. I love it
477 days ago
i feel like the only rank you can get is the leader of a clan
477 days ago
i am a WindClan leader with white fur and blue eyes
477 days ago
ill take the quiz tommorow morning, when I wake up
477 days ago
i didnt take this quiz yet, but I already know im Daisyfur, RiverClans medicine cat
553 days ago
Are they ALL leader of ThunderClan? Cause I was too.
689 days ago
nice quiz but you should create names, I wanted to be a med. cat though.
707 days ago
An amazing ThunderClan leader!!
1002 days ago
Um..... I can't believe you forgot about Sunclan!!!!!!!!
1021 days ago
Wow! I really enjoyed your quiz! I love how you kinda roleplayed the quiz! Best quiz EVER! BTW I got leader of Thunderclan.