What Is Your Warrior Cat Name, Clan, Rank, etc!

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Have you ever wanted to be in the Warriors fantasy? To have a clan of your own? This will help you find out where you would be!

  • 1
    What Clan Do You Belong In?
  • 2
    She-cat or Tom?
  • 3
    You Have Some Free Time. You:

  • 4
    Which Two Pairs Of Words Describe You?
  • 5
    What Would Your Pelt Look Like?
  • 6
    Out Of These; Favorite Color?

  • 7
    Your Best Trait Is:
  • 8
    Your Worst Trait Is:
  • 9
    Your Favorite Thing To Do Is:
  • 10
    Who Would Your Best Friend Be?

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1211 days ago
I meant my sister got Birchpool, ThunderClan deputy
1211 days ago
Flamepetal, getting Ashstar was probably very lucky since Ashstar a leader I just got Daisyfur, the medicine cat who can't fight to protect her clan and she has to heal people that's how she saves lives at least she saves lives by being a medicine cat
1211 days ago
my sisters Birchpool, ThunderClan deputy
1211 days ago
I like RiverClan, and the name Daisyfur!
1211 days ago
Im Daisyfur, a RiverClan medicine cat
1345 days ago
I love waerriors and wish to make my own story of it some day and i love to be loyal
1597 days ago
Basically, I got Ashstar -_-
1597 days ago
I am are a WindClan Leader! I’m very loyal and ready to defend your clan at once. Sometimes I have a sharp tone, but only because I defend myself as well, not only your clan. I’m a wise she-cat with beautiful grey fur, and darker grey stripes that start from my head all the way to my back. My yellow eyes always seem to glow with a satisfaction with myself and my clan. Every cat admires me, the one and only Ashstar