Which Warriors Leader are you?

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    It is leaf-bare and the whole Clan is starving. There is one piece of prey left on the pile. You:
    It is leaf-bare and the whole Clan is starving. There is one piece of prey left on the pile. You:

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611 days ago
For 45% I am Firestar, for 36% I am Leafstar, for 9% I am Blackstar and Brokenstar and I am 0% Tigerstar. Yay! Best warrior I can be!
667 days ago
I got 55 leafstar :)))))))))),36 firestar ;) and 9 brokenstar :(
767 days ago
I got some Firestar and some Leafstar!
767 days ago
So cool! I love it!((epurple)
966 days ago
Wow. Those profiles are... long.
1020 days ago
I got Firestar- kinda fits my choices. BUT how come none of these have WindClan as an option???????
1029 days ago
Please! Though it's a good quiz, there isn't many answer choices
1029 days ago
its okay but can you please have more optoins and more acorete anwers
1042 days ago
Oh hi! Well...... You see..... The definition of leaders to get by personality trait is low, this is a nicely made quiz but maybe more options to get from leaders? That would please me! Though I have nothing much to say, well.... Thanks for your time ^^
1085 days ago
omg I'm not firestar what cliche he pathitic as heck!!! you should put bluestar as one of the options just saying.........
1093 days ago
I got Leafstar which is ok but I’m in thunderclan
1094 days ago
64% Firestar, ThunderClan (yay)
27% Leafstar, SkyClan (what?! Never even heard of her)
9% BrokenSta, ShadowClan(muahahaha)
1112 days ago
wow! I am shocked to starclan,leafstar! YES
1353 days ago
Yay, I got Leafstar, 55 percent and 45 percent firestar
1397 days ago
Firestar, yay
1407 days ago
I actually got FireStar! Wow! I do prefer to be a loner but. . . If it comes to protecting others. . . I shall join the clan!
For 55% you are: You are FireStar!

Firestar was a leader of ThunderClan in the forest territories. He was born as a kittypet, and joined ThunderClan to receive the name of Firepaw. Firepaw was mentored by Lionheart and Tigerclaw before being assigned to Bluestar. Fireheart earned his warrior name, and ascended to deputy after Tigerclaw's banishment.
After Bluestar's death, he rose to leader as Firestar appointing Whitestorm as his second-in-command. He later passed the role to Graystripe upon the white deputy's death during the Battle against BloodClan. Firestar became mates with Sandstorm, and they went on a journey to rebuild SkyClan. They were successful, and upon their return, had two daughters together: Leafpool and Squirrelflight.
When Twolegs destroyed the forest, he led his Clan on the Great Journey and helped them settle into the lake territories. Firestar appointed Brambleclaw as deputy due to Graystripe's disappearance, and had him keep the role after his friend returned. Firestar fought in the Great Battle and lost his final life due to wounds. He continues to watch over the cats by the lake from StarClan, and guides medicine cats with the prophecies he gives.
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1410 days ago
I got Tigerstar beware me.