What kind of Book are You?
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What kind of Book are You?

Horror, romance, action, everyday story. Which are you?

Question 1:   Your favourite colour is?
None of the above

Question 2:   Your friend reads the essay you've written for homework. She/he then points out all the mistakes etc. in your essay and suggests you write it out again.
Scream at her/him angrily
Change the subject to your latest crush
Take on board her/his comments and write it out again, you like a challenge.
Don't answer, she/he probably didn't understand it coz it's very in-depth philosophy

Question 3:   A guy/girl comes up and asks you to go out with him/her. You really don't like him/her, so you...?
Say 'No, sorry'
Raise an eyebrow and stalk off
Ask the voices in your head for advice.
Laugh hysterically, then, wiping your eyes say 'no thanks'
Say yes. Anything for a boyfriend/girlfriend/ Plus you don't want to hurt their feelings.

Question 4:   For Halloween if you dress up at all, you dress up as...?
Indiana Jones/Alias/Buffy or other action hero
Something weird that nobody can guess the identity of.
A fairy/love heart/ princess or any other romantic thing
Something gothic and different
A predictable, yearly witch

Question 5:   If you could live on any other planet, which would you live on/
Earth's fine, thanks.
Venus, the planet of love or Saturn
Planet X
Pluto, it's far away from the sun. Maybe Neptune or the moon
Mars/Mercury or the Sun maybe Jupiter

Question 6:   Have you any bad habits?
I'm just too funny.
Love addict
None of these
Too sulky
I'm too wild!

Question 7:   Dream Holiday
Spain, to see the gothic architecture
France, to see the country
Safari in Africa
Paris, city of love
The Moon! Or Japan!

Question 8:   Do you like chickens?
Yes. I love all animals!
Eggs are good. Chickens therefore must be good.
I don't know.
No. I don't like anything.
Of course. There are more chickens than people and one day I think they will rule the world.

Question 9:   Finish this sentence. Today I...
Dreamed about my crush and wrote in my diary while watching Pretty Woman
Nothing much.
Stayed in my room listening to punk and rock, painting my nails black.
went on a hike
Wrote a droll novel about the struggles of adolescence and weird poems.

Question 10:   You dislike...
Boring things.
Overactive people

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