Your Type of Story
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Your Type of Story

So what kinds of books do you like most? Take this and see! You may think you like one category, when, in all actuality, you really prefer another...

Question 1:   Every story has to have a setting. So what's it gonna be?
A magical land with fairies, dragons, and things you never imagined! ^_^
Trapped in a deserted mansion with a killer on the loose! AAAH!
Out on one of the seven seas, with a treasure map, and (of course) lots of pirates! Yar!
A vampire, in a gothic-style castle, waiting for someone or something to come along...
With a psycho-killer in an asylum, plotting his master plan...

Question 2:   Who's your favorite author, out of these?
Edgar Allan Poe
Terry Brooks
Robert Louis Stevenson
C.S. Lewis
Stephen King

Question 3:   Your favorite book, from these?
Treasure Island
Pet Semetary
The Arthurian Legends and the Tales of Merlin
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Question 4:   How would you like a book you're reading to end? (judging by the last sentence)
"'And now,' he said, 'for my final act, I will kill you.'"
"He sailed forth, with his treasure at one side, singing, 'Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me.'"
"As he looked at the night sky, he spread his wings, for his final flight."
"And they lived happily ever after."
"She only saw his body laying on the ground, and a note stating, 'You're next.'"

Question 5:   Five new books came out! Which title would most appeal to you?
And a Bottle of Rum
Under the Cloak
The Eyes of the Demon
Of Dragons and Princesses
White Walls

Question 6:   What are your views on killing the main character?
But, what if the main character’s immortal?
That would be interesting…
Absolutely! The more gore, the better!
If he fought with valor, that’s all the matters.
It should never happen! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Question 7:   If you were writing a story, what would your main character’s goal be?
To fight for good, maintain justice, and always prevail!
He would be amnesic to his past doings due to a curse, but is on a journey to find out why.
To escape a maniac murderer and return home safely. (doubt that will ever happen…)
Hmmm… depends on the mood I’m in; I may make the character suffer from MPD so his goal can change from day to day, like my mood! MWHAHAHA!
The find buried treasure and escape authority with abandon!

Question 8:   This is a strange question, but: what color comes to mind when thinking of your favorite book?
Black or red
Pink, gold/silver, or pastels
Brown or other earthy colors
Gray or some strange Crayola color (e.g.: Asparagus)
Any color that has been faded or deep shades of any hue

Question 9:   What gender would the main character in the story you would write be?
What are we sexist here?
Female (usually)-she’s being stalked by a murderer!
Male (usually)-it’s harder for a female to just pick up and go at any moment.
Male-it’s bad luck to have women on board, matey!
Male-he’s destined to save the one he loves.

Question 10:   One more question: What is your favorite quality in a character?
Nonhuman-like qualities and (in some cases) magical powers!
Perseverance and valor!
Bravery and goodness of heart!
Unpredictability and a bit of insanity!
Mental strength and quick thinking!

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