What Kind of Writer Are you?
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What Kind of Writer Are you?

... Or, what kind WOULD you be?

Question 1:   What is your favourite drink?
red wine
black coffee

Question 2:   What best describes your dress style?
unique, but frazzled and un-considered
dorky yet classic, in many hues
hastily put together frump
all scarves and draped layers

Question 3:   At 3 am, you are:
socializing in a somewhat intense way
drowning yourself in cheap alcohol
being pretentious in a candle-lit loft

Question 4:   Your closest friends are:
active people
dramatic people
flattering people
sad people

Question 5:   When accused of lying, you:
prove your truthfulness with filed documentation
say there are no lies, only love
lie until they leave you alone
cooly claim that lies are your bread and butter

Question 6:   Your worst personal flaw is:
dull personality
tendency to over-dramatize

Question 7:   Your ideal pet is a:
tropical bird

Question 8:   A typical date for you is:
drinks in one seedy bar after another; perhaps light vandalism on the way home, or a foreign film
philosophical discussion on the beach until dawn, interspersed with red wine from a plastic cup
attendance at an incomprehensible performance art show, and an experimental jazz concert later
Dinner, a couple of drinks, and snuggling over the evening news

Question 9:   Your musical tastes tend towards:
Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan
Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald
the Breeders, the Strokes
the Pixies, Nirvana

Question 10:   Of the following, which movie do you prefer?
The Insider
M. Butterfly
Last Tango in Paris

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