Shakespeare Tragic Characters
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Shakespeare Tragic Characters

In Shakespeare's Tragedies, pretty much every one is either a tragic hero, a really tragic hero, a hero-villain, or a villain. No really good people in sight. Which category do you fall into? Based on Hamlet, Othello, and Macbeth.

Question 1:   Would you kill for power?
No. I don't think so.
Hell yeah!
Yes....yeah, I would.
No! Of course not! Never! (...on way to kill someone.)

Question 2:   Would you kill for revenge?
Only if I knew it was right.
Of course I'm right! He showed me proof! Death!
In less than a heartbeat.
They'll wish they were never born.

Question 3:   Do you have a soul?
...I think I kind of killed it...
No! Who needs one?
Of course!

Question 4:   Are you aware of what you're doing?
Why? Didn't I already tell you I have proof?
I think so, but, its a confusing situation.
Hell yeah. Who cares if it's evil or not?
Yep. It's a bad idea. I really shouldn't be doing this.

Question 5:   Is what you're doing evil?
I hope not.
Nope! Of course not.
Oh, yeah. Evil all the way.

Question 6:   Do you ever regret what you've done?
Yes. All the time.
Why would I? I'm right!
Nope. Not at all.
I'm trying not to do regrettable things, but...

Question 7:   Is your life a living hell?
Yeah, but it wouldn't be if he didn't tell me.
Yeah, and I'm Satan.
As close to literally as possible.
Kind of....yeah.

Question 8:   If you died what would happen?
Everyone would be happy and that damn kid would get everything I killed for.
He'd get my wife that lying cheating scum...
I'd be buried, and probably be a lot happier.
Maybe I'd get a job as a devil. I'm evil enough.

Question 9:   Do you deserve to die?
No, THEY do.
no...not that know of.
Yes. Yes I do.
Yes, but they can't kill me!

Question 10:   Does it seem like the world's against you?
Only those three hags...
It does, but only sometimes.
I'M against THEM.
Not the WHOLE world...

Question 11:   Do you have any character flaws?
Like what? I don't get jealous or anything...
Does evil count as a flaw?
Evilness is SO not a flaw.
Who doesn't?

Question 12:   Do you have any relationships?
I am happily married to someone as evil as I am.
.....stupid slut, stupid adultering whore, stupid stupid stupid!...
Not a good one.
Yeah, but I really don't care about them all that much.

Question 13:   Are you a hero or a villain?
I guess I'm a hero. Who can tell?
Of course I'm a hero!
I'm a villain, alright.

Question 14:   Are you/would you be a good leader?
...they all say I'm a tyrant.
Of course.
Yeah, but evil.

Question 15:   Do you make decisions quickly?
If I stopped to think about it, I wouldn't have done it.
If I did I'd do something stupid.
Quickly, but cleverly enough.
I get proof first.

Question 16:   Do people around you keep dying?
Not yet, but they will...
Hahahaha! There goes another one!
Only one person to start with, but then...
Yes. Blood will have blood, you know.

Question 17:   Would you commit suicide?
No. This is too much fun.
Nope. I'm right.
No. I'd rather see how many people I can take with me.
Yeah, if it wasn't illegal.

Question 18:   Would you lie?
Yep! .....That is, no, never!
If I had too, I suppose...
Why should I?
Yeah....I mean, no of course not.

Question 19:   Are you good at lying?
Lie? Who, me? (...I'm good and getting better)
Well, I can be a good actor, so...
I don't lie, remember?
You scarcely hear my name without "Honest" attached. (...liars worship me.)

Question 20:   What creature represents you?
A snake or else a cloven-hoofed demon.
An owl, or someone called me a hellhound once.
...does a mourning dove really mourn?
An eagle, or something that's proud.

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