What dragon are you from the Jade Winglet in Wings Of Fire?

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  • 1
    Which word describes you the best?

  • 2
    Where would you like to live?
  • 3
    If you could have a super power what would it be?

  • 4
    If you had a choice, how would you spend your day?
  • 5
    How long can you hold your breath?
  • 6
    Would you want to have....

  • 7
    What would you eat if you were a dragon?
  • 8
    What is your favorite letter?
  • 9
    What tribe would you like to be apart of?
  • 10
    What is your gender?

Comments (63)


14 days ago
I am 30 percent moon and 30 percent kinkajou but I don't think that this is accurate and I would have some qibli
25 days ago
I got Moon and I'm happy with it! She's my fav character in JW :D
38 days ago
I got Qibli, I love Qibli, and sandwings are my favorite tribe
105 days ago
I got 60% Moon! I think the rest was Kinkajou XD
108 days ago
Not really me, my result was Kinkajou :/. I'm more like Moon or Turtle than her
121 days ago
I got 80% moon. YAY! I love moon she's my fav character
135 days ago
I'm turtle he is my favorite charecter but um im female
153 days ago
I got Winter. It seems true because I like being alone, and I have mental problems. I would've loved to get Qibli because I like Qibli more, but winter will have to do.
153 days ago
I got 100% Winter. Maybe I can do a hybrid dragonet that is le child of winter and qibli (yes, I ship them)
164 days ago
Im 60% Moonwatcher!Makes since i hide evreything, llike that evreyones dead,and im grieving all the time,that I'm autistic,i have sleeping disorder, acting disorder, pdhd, adhd , but hey,I'm fine,
178 days ago
Fully moonwatcher yay she is my fav
204 days ago
I got 30% Turtle and 30% Qibli. I feel like this is kinda true. I’m really quiet and try not to be noticed. I’m pretty observant, but more how people are talking than what they’re doing. I’m completely terrified of anybody reading my mind, but unlike Qibli, I probably don’t have great thoughts.
234 days ago
I got Moon but I wish I had gotten Umber (he's my favorite character but he wasn't there bahaha)
254 days ago
I got Moon! She's my favorite character
266 days ago
I got turtle. Cool. Does this mean I may have hidden magic powers just waiting to be discovered? That would be sick (also nice quiz btw)
275 days ago
I GOT KINKAJOU! I would have taken Moonwatcher. But I don't know. I love them both
277 days ago
Oooo I’m kinkajou! She’s actually my favorite character in the series
278 days ago
Can't believe that i'm moonwatcher!! I am just like her. I keep my biggest secrets,I love reading,And also I love thinking what is in my and others Future!! but knowing that some day I will have to tell someone my deepest secrets. Just like moonwatcher did by telling her secret after the explotion in the history cave and after qibli,kinkajue, and winter asked her quentions. this is just AMAZING!!!!!!
309 days ago
I can’t believe they got it right I got %100.moonwatcher and it makes sense I relate so much with moon like it’s me looking in a mirror as a dragon
309 days ago
I can’t believe it but I am moonwatcher which also makes sense and moon dose describe me and me and moon have very similar things in life