What Wings of Fire tribe are you in? Quiz

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Discover if you are a SeaWing, RainWing,
Mudwing, Silkwing, SkyWing, IceWing, Nightwing, or SandWing with this 10 question quiz!

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    What place would you rather live in?

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151 days ago
I got a rainwing!! It’s exactly what I am I’m lazy andbalso eats fruit. I’m super happy.
151 days ago
I did the test again and I still got mud wing. I’m not really happy because I would have preferred a lazy raining because that’s what I am but I’ll except my results I’ll just have to see them behaviors of the mud wing :)
151 days ago
I did the quiz again and I still got mud wing (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞ . Im not really happy about the results I would have preferred skywing or ice wing. I’ve been trying to see what tribe I am in with different quizzes but all of them are mixed. I really hoped this would have proved my tribe but sadly it did not.p.s tue celebrity question is a bit dumb and useless.
151 days ago
I got mud wing an dit says I’m socialized andnim not a really socialized person.
167 days ago
I got MudWing!! I am not a starving,lazy and useless person. Most people say I am a RainWing. But one of the more energetic RainWings. Or a SandWing. This dose not work.
278 days ago
I got RainWing. I'm not lazy and I don't wait for problem to fix themselves. My friends all say I'm an IceWing, which sounds more like me. I like things to e neat and orderly. I don't rely on other people to do my job. I work hard to get good grades in school. I am not a lazy RainWing.
334 days ago
I am sad because I don’t think they have pantala dragons and I am a leafwing 🙁 that’s ok though. I agree with mystery tribe dragon thingy about the question with famous people. I only know Taylor Swift and Beyoncé but I don’t know there songs.
422 days ago
Uh well I’m a mudwing all my friends tell me that but I HATE my bother 🙄
460 days ago
I didn't really want Mudwing, but it is true that I would die for my family. I really wanted Nightwing, but I'm happy with what I got :)
476 days ago
hewo :3 *does the chicken dance* im very weirddddddddddddd i dont know any famous peaple so i did taylor swift ps. that question was dum :(
500 days ago
Apparently I'm a mudwing now. I'm usually a Nightwing, but Nightwings aren't nesisarily my favorite tribe, but that doesn't mean they aren't a bad tribe.
554 days ago
Hi. This was a good personality test. I got a RainWing and I usually get either SeaWing or RainWing. So ya! Byeee
573 days ago
I got an IceWing, But I have taken a million other tests and I've always gotten SeaWing. It's nice for a change! I really enjoyed this, keep making tests!
Coconut The SeaWing,
582 days ago
Very sweet indeed *Epic anime flashback to Winter*
617 days ago
in this test, I got a rainwing. I dunno why. But still, I like sea wings the BEST! But I think I am more like a leaf wing. I might change my name... P.S I liked this quiz a lot!
636 days ago
ok so. i did this test again. and i got a rainwing. i think its pretty cool and chill. i do not like woke that much. i am pretty funny and fun to hang out with. p.s this is heatwave the sand wing. i might change my name...
636 days ago
i got mudwing. i love the forest like leafwings.and im loyal like sandwings. but yes, id die for my...family. well my friends. i have family problems. so my friends are my family. ill kill anyone who harms them. p.s I LOVE WINGS OF FIRE / wof
648 days ago
I took this quiz last year and I got RainWing, I don’t really think I’m at all a RainWing but I still enjoyed the quiz! I took this again twice and I got mudwing and sandwing which I think is more like me :)
684 days ago
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey I got rainwing I was expecting nightwing but whatever I like eating fruit and ... I GET TO CHANGE COLORS!!!
692 days ago
I took the test again and I got SeaWing