What Wings of Fire tribe are you in? Quiz

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Discover if you are a SeaWing, RainWing,
Mudwing, Silkwing, SkyWing, IceWing, Nightwing, or SandWing with this 10 question quiz!

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    What place would you rather live in?

Comments (138)


60 days ago
Uh well I’m a mudwing all my friends tell me that but I HATE my bother 🙄
98 days ago
I didn't really want Mudwing, but it is true that I would die for my family. I really wanted Nightwing, but I'm happy with what I got :)
114 days ago
hewo :3 *does the chicken dance* im very weirddddddddddddd i dont know any famous peaple so i did taylor swift ps. that question was dum :(
138 days ago
Apparently I'm a mudwing now. I'm usually a Nightwing, but Nightwings aren't nesisarily my favorite tribe, but that doesn't mean they aren't a bad tribe.
192 days ago
Hi. This was a good personality test. I got a RainWing and I usually get either SeaWing or RainWing. So ya! Byeee
211 days ago
I got an IceWing, But I have taken a million other tests and I've always gotten SeaWing. It's nice for a change! I really enjoyed this, keep making tests!
Coconut The SeaWing,
220 days ago
Very sweet indeed *Epic anime flashback to Winter*
255 days ago
in this test, I got a rainwing. I dunno why. But still, I like sea wings the BEST! But I think I am more like a leaf wing. I might change my name... P.S I liked this quiz a lot!
274 days ago
ok so. i did this test again. and i got a rainwing. i think its pretty cool and chill. i do not like woke that much. i am pretty funny and fun to hang out with. p.s this is heatwave the sand wing. i might change my name...
274 days ago
i got mudwing. i love the forest like leafwings.and im loyal like sandwings. but yes, id die for my...family. well my friends. i have family problems. so my friends are my family. ill kill anyone who harms them. p.s I LOVE WINGS OF FIRE / wof
286 days ago
I took this quiz last year and I got RainWing, I don’t really think I’m at all a RainWing but I still enjoyed the quiz! I took this again twice and I got mudwing and sandwing which I think is more like me :)
322 days ago
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey I got rainwing I was expecting nightwing but whatever I like eating fruit and ... I GET TO CHANGE COLORS!!!
330 days ago
I took the test again and I got SeaWing
330 days ago
I wanted SeaWing, SkyWing, or IceWing, but instead I got MudWing, but thats okay, I do love my family more then anything and would die for them. So many people got mad at the result, "MudWing," but in my opinion it's one of the best results you could get. Treat MudWing's well please!
331 days ago
Ehh, i'm not that much like a rainwing but cool! My favorite is night wings and seawings.
332 days ago
Im an ice wing excuse me uhhhhh I’m nothing like them I was expecting NightWings or something less grumpy angry or fighty
339 days ago
339 days ago
Now Imma MudWing. All I wanted was RainWing or SeaWing. Thanks world, I'm SOOOOOO happy. >:( -.-
339 days ago
Also, in the celebretei thing, where is Elvis and miceal jackson?!
339 days ago
Hmmm. I got IceWing. *Throws chair at the wall* WHHHYYYYY I AM NOTHING LIKE AN ICEWING!!!!!!!! IM NEVER GRUMPY OR ANYTHING!!!!!