Which "Wings of Fire" Tribe Are You In?

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This quiz is for "Wings of Fire" lovers and curious book readers.

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    Which word best describes you?

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441 days ago
I've taken 3 of these tests are different Websites So far by got 1 sea wing and 2 rain wings
484 days ago
i cant decide who i prefer stunami or glorie
710 days ago
Wow this quiz was wrong I said all the dark nightwing things yet i got rainwing lol
866 days ago
I keep getting Skywing but I really feel like im a Sandwing but both personalitys fit me what do I dooooooooo
873 days ago
i love seawings but i got a night wing whattttttt
930 days ago
I do NOT like fruit, for the record, i am a nightwing! I just did this again to see..AND I REGRET THIS VERY MUCH. Thank you for your time.
930 days ago
um this is so not accurate! How did i get a RAINWING of all pathetic creatures, i am NOT lazy, if i had venom i would use it on anybody who annoyed me, not if i was FORCED to! AND I AM NEVER EXTREAMLY HAPPY OR BUBBLY! Seriously.
937 days ago
Me is a NightWing. I wanted either rainwing or seawing
953 days ago
I got raining... I have nothing against them or anything but I'm 100% a sandwich every thing I picked was for a sandwich but I got rainwing
963 days ago
I got RainWing! I like NightWings more but RainWings suit my personality better so no judging that
996 days ago
It gave me NightWinggggg ahhhckk

My best friends a NightWing and I love NightWings but I'm not one lol
1011 days ago
well this seems accurate for me, I always seem to get a sanding but that is fine, They are my favorite.
1035 days ago
(If I had to chose i would say rain-wing tough) :3
1035 days ago
Night-wing!I would be happy to be anything other than a sky-wing, I mean i have nothing against then but i do think that they seem to always be grumpy \._./
1084 days ago
I got RainWing! This test is sooo accurate! Yawn, I’m tired. Oh, it’s sun time! Bye Bye!
1084 days ago
I got NightWing! I would prefer SeaWing or RainWing.
How I am like a NightWing:
No reasons
How I am not like a NightWing:
I wouldn’t want to read minds or see the future
I don’t lie about stuff like having special powers
I don’t like black
I do not live on a freaking volcano that could erupt and kill the whole tribe at any moment I got aHow I am like aNo reasonsHow I am not like aI wouldn’t want to read minds or see the futureI wouldn’t lie about stuff like having special I don’t likeI do not live on a freaking volcano that could erupt and kill the whole tribe at any momentSeaWingpowersRainWing
1113 days ago
Dang I got I fudgeing nightwing!!!!
1115 days ago
What!? How in the WORLD did I get a NightWing? All the other quizzes I took said I was a RainWing. Although I did start out wanting to be a NightWing so YAY. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY
1143 days ago
No I am NOT a RainWing
I am a noble ICEWING
I do NOT like fruit
I repeat, I do NOT LIKE FRUIT
So no, I am an IceWing. I already took a different quiz before and got IceWing, I just wanted to see if I got the same or different results.
1186 days ago
NOOO!! I'm a Nightwing! I don't want to lurk around in the shadows! I wanna be a SandWing!!! WAAAH my life is ruined.