Is your Wings Of Fire Hybrid OC balanced?

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Title says it all! This includes Pantalan and Pyrrhian dragon tribes.

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    What type of hybrid is it?

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205 days ago
This is my oc Certificate Seal
Is your Wings Of Fire Hybrid OC balanced?
Your OC is alright, if not a little dramatic. They might be the queens second kid, but they are very special.
245 days ago
My problem with this is there aren't enough slots for all the hybrids and its only using she/her pronouns.
The slots aren't the author's fault, but still...
560 days ago
"Your OC is pretty dramatic. They most likely have a super sad backstory, and could be a princess or prince." That's mine.
648 days ago
My OC is a SeaWing-NightWing princess, daughter of Auklet once she is Queen, and her name is Azure
717 days ago
My OC is dramatic like me!
733 days ago
Also their's no male option... just saying phyrria isn't full of just females.
733 days ago
"Slightly sad backstory, but otherwise their life is pretty great!"
Well I mean he's in an AU set in the future where scavengers take over phyrria and both his parents have been captured and he's one of the few that have escaped but sure. Happy life.
763 days ago
there is no prince option
781 days ago
nice im the granddaughter of the dragon that shares a great-grandparent with the queen.