Which Archie Comics Character Are You?
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Which Archie Comics Character Are You?

Do you know Archie and his gang? Well you can take this quiz to find out who you'll end up to be!

Question 1:Are you-
incredibly nice
incredibly clumsy
incredibly mean
incredibly hungry
incredibly rich

Question 2:What would you be most likely saying every day?
I'm hungry
Sorry Mr. Lodge, I didn't mean to break it....
I can get whatever I want!

Question 3:Who do you adore most?
sigh! Veronica and Betty!
Myself of course

Question 4:What's your favourite food?
Gourmet foods made by none other than my chef
Betty's home made pastries!
home made cookies and cakes
Pop's food is pretty good....
every food but I like hamburgers the best!

Question 5:If you could wish for anything, what would it be?
Sigh! Archie!
A camera that would take me to all the hottest girls on the beach so I can take pictures of them!
For Veronica to like me better than that freckle-snoot Archie!
For all the food in the world!
I have everything! *snobby laugh*

Question 6:What's your favourite animal?
Pure breeds of cats and dogs! I want only the best money can buy!
Insects and cool dogs are rad
I like all animals, though cats and dogs are my favourite.
I like dogs the best.

Question 7:What is your hobby?
Making fun of Archie and smooching with Midge
eating of course!
Going to Paris and other places that cost a lot of money!
Being with Archie and writing in my diary!
When I'm with Veronica!

Question 8:Who is your crush?
Betty and Veronica
ewwwwwwww, girls! I like food WAY better!
Midge and other hot girls

Question 9:What makes you sad?
When my pranks back-fire
When Veronica's mad at me!
When daddy's down to his last million!
when I help Archie with everything and then he just says a quick thank-you and off he goes to Veronica's house
when I'm down to my last burger

Question 10:What makes you happy?
When things go my way and when I get Archie
When I get lots of hamburgers
When I get a date with Veronica and save the day!
When Archie breaks a date with Ronnie and asks me!(which rarely happens)
When my pranks work and stupid Archie is not at Veronica's house

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