Serious Avatar Quiz: What Bender Are You?๐ŸŒŠ๐ŸŒŽ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ”ฅ

You have a favourite Character, but want to know whether they are what you actually identify with?
This Avatar Bending Quiz is divided by fighting techniques and personality questions. Be honest with each answer - the more you think about what applies to you as opposed to the show, the more accurate your answers and final result will be.
Dishonest answers might get you your desired result, but what good is that if it's not true, right?

Let's find out what type of Bender are you!

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    A part of this does involve fighting, so think of the tactics you use during a video game...or if you watch movies, what you would do against the villain. For example, how you'd attack a mugger. Or, if you were ambushed, which techniques you would employ. Think strategy and which you'd prefer to use in each situation. Don't just pick an answer of this 'What kind of bender are you?' test because it sounds cooler - think of this as a real-life situation and your results will be more accurate.

    If you were being attacked head-on by one person, which would you most likely do?

    A part of this does involve fighting, so think of the tactics you use during a video game...or if you watch movies, what you would do against the vill

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8 days ago
48% Waterbender
33% Airbender
14% Earthbender
5% Firebender
8 days ago
14%Earthben ding
16 days ago
24% Earthbending
24% Waterbending
24% Airbending
29% Firebending

wooo, firebending!!
18 days ago
29% Earthbending
29% Waterbending
24% Airbending
19% Firebending

Actually, I kinda agree with this result. But, I always thought that I'm an airbender. I'm not just love airbending but according to the zodiac elemental signs, I'm an airbender. Communicative and intellectual. But, from this result I received higher score on waterbender because I saw myself can adapt in varies situations while on earthbender side because I think I'm attached strong and firmly to this world. Quite the opposite of airbenders would be, don't you guys think? But the firebender part was the lowest. Maybe I'm not so like fire itself and not having much determination and willpower like firebenders would have. But anyway, I still think maybe I'm the Avatar itself, hahahaha. Training with the four elements and like Aang, I'm afraid to bend fire. Between the two highest scores maybe I'm rather pick to become the Avatar from the Water Tribe.
24 days ago
29% earth bending
29% air bending
29% fire bending
14% water bending

I can master everything and nothing at the same time.
33 days ago
i got 43% earth bending 24% air bending 19% fire bending & 10% water bending
73 days ago
62% air
10% earth
5% fire,
Very agreeable!
80 days ago
I got 29% air bender 29% water bender 33% earth bender and 10% fire bender
87 days ago
Wow. Mine was

33% earthbending
33% waterbending
33% air bending
0% firebending
113 days ago
Cool originally id definitely be fire because of my temper and personality but my fighting styles does match air benders and i can be calm and avoid conflict
117 days ago
43% air bender
33% water bender
20% fire bender
10% earth bender
127 days ago
yall get.... nvm
131 days ago
48% Fire
24% Water
19% Earth
10% Air
...sounds bout right.
131 days ago
I love the test
136 days ago
52 Airbender
29 water bender
10 Earth bender
10 fire bender
138 days ago
I ment water bender not air bender
138 days ago
How did I get firebender im an air bender this is a bad text!!!!!!!
139 days ago
It says that I'm a waterbender but I feel like I'm an airbender.
139 days ago
how the heck did you get 29% on almost everything???!!!
140 days ago
aaaa.. that is lovely