Which of these anime females are you most like?
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Which of these anime females are you most like?

^_~ Which lovely anime lady are you like? The fun's in not knowing who the choices are so you can't cheat!

Question 1:Which of these statements most reflects your view on cooking?
Cooking is satisfying and fun!
Cooking is menial labor. I just show up when it's time to eat.
I don't cook! I either eat ice cream or I'm just too busy to eat.

Question 2:Your sister has a new boyfriend, you:
You hate her boyfriend, it seems like all she talks about is him!
You're happy for her.
You give your sister's boyfriend helpful advice about how to romancer her.

Question 3:Which of these choices most resembles your style of dress?
Practical clothes that are up to date.
Conservative yet really pretty. Lots of lace!
Sexy! Hey, I have the body, I'm gonna show it off!

Question 4:Two words that best describes you:
Savvy and Charasmatic
Intelligent and Adorable
Sweet and Gentle

Question 5:You have the weekend off, what will you do?
Ask your boyfriend what he wants to do.
Party! That's what weekends are for!
Start your next biggest project.

Question 6:A girl slaps you in the face, how do you respond:
Cry and take the blame.
Get even in a sneaky way.
Right back in her face only worse!

Question 7:Your best friend is in a hopeless looking situation. You respond by:
Team up with a friend and try to use your skills to help out.
Helping them by Hook or Crook. You'll get them out of it if you have to break the law.
Feel sad inside but try to console them. Tell them everything will work out somehow.

Question 8:Your outlook on life is:
Neither here nor there. You just make your way through life as best as you can.
Optimistic: All people are truly good beings at heart!
Cynical: Sure there's good things but I am not naive.

Question 9:You see your boyfriend making out with some other girl, you:
Blame yourself because it's obvious you don't love him enough to keep him.
That's exactly why I don't have a boyfriend. I'll wait until I get it in writing!
You'd beat them both up! And kick him to the curb!

Question 10:Which animal are you most like?
Horse, always on the move, and energetic!
Dog, loyal and trusting!
Cat, cunning, sleek and stylish!

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