What Superhero are You?
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What Superhero are You?

Can you twirl a Lasso of Truth like Wonder Woman or do you simply talk to fish like Aqua Man? Find out what sort of a superhero you are!

Question 1:You see a report on the news about a robbery at the art museum. What do you do?
Pick up a cell phone and call the aquarium
To the Batpoles!
Find the nearest telephone booth and become the Man of Steel.
Clean your breastplates cuz Wonder Woman's gotta go on the town tonight!

Question 2:While at the library you notice someone stealing a valuable encyclopedia. What do you do?
Check out that book about marine animals and then tackle the guy with your fins
Great Scott! Put on your cowl and check this crook into the local jailhouse
Melt him with your X-ray vision
Those cowgirl lessons really pay off now! Lasso him with a whip of truth!

Question 3:At the bank you realize that the man in front of you is about to pull out a gun. What do you do?
Conk his head over with your trusty seashell
Run into a closet, disguise yourself, and hurl a batarang at him!
With nerves of steel, you jump in front of the teller in your red and blue costume and stop any stray bullets
Don't your bracelets look so nice? See if they match with his shoulders...

Question 4:While at a concert, a well-known supercriminal steals a priceless Stradivarius. You...
You live in the ocean. What are you doing above ground?
Holy symphony! Pick up an instrument and bash the fiend to the ground!
U use your 12-inch biceps to beat up this baddie and bring him to jail
As Princess Diana, I'll use my ancient Lyre to play a melody of truth against this music-hating creep

Question 5:Your average day is
Swimming at the beach
Brushing up on various volumes of intellect and maybe hitting the gym...
If I don't finish this story for the Daily Planet, Lois may suspect something...
I love to be queen! I go back to Paradise Island for a tropical day

Question 6:You pretend to be Aqua Man for the day.
I am Aqua Man! I can't pretend to be who I am!
I wonder if there are any species of aquatic bats...
See how long I can hold my breath underwater...It should be amusing for the first 328 hours...
I'm a woman and I don't play male games!

Question 7:You pretend to be Batman for the day.
I have an Aqua Cave...why not compare it with the Bat Cave?
Holy secret identities! Have they discovered my secret?
I can be a true Batman since I can fly!
I refuse to play the part of that annoying male bat!

Question 8:You pretend to be Super Man for the day
I pretend to be underwater Super Man for the day
Not even my intellect could create a source of power that could allow me to correctly portray the Man of Steel for an entire 24 epooch.
I'm too busy at the Daily Planet to pretend to be me!
Although he is cute and is obviously me in a male form, I cannot bear to give in to male chauvinism!

Question 9:You pretend to be Wonderwoman for the day.
Eww!!! I am a King of the Waters, not a preppy Female Queen of Truth and Justice!
Oooh! I've always wanted to try out my Bat-lastic Nylons!
My muscles would tear through her metallic costume in a millisecond!
Finally! Something I can enjoy!

Question 10:Dance Dance Dance! What's your favorite super-dance?
The Aqua Disco!
The Battsui
The Kryptonite Hop
Wonder Woman's Patented Ballet Dance of the Paradise Amazon Fleet

Question 11:Sing! Sing! Sing! What's your favorite song?
Any of those delightful sailor songs!
My theme song! It's sooo catchy!
Kryptonite (Call Me Superman) I'm so conceited!
I like the classics like "Hippolyata's Daughter" or "Lasso of Truth"

Question 12:Your idea of a first date is....
Taking my chick to the beach
Taking my date to the theater for an evening of delightful entertainment!
Lois Lane how I've dreamed of dating you...!!!
I don't believe in dating! I'm an Independent Woman!

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