Which cartoon character personality are you?
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Which cartoon character personality are you?

Everyone has that hidden cartoon character personality somewhere. Which one do you share.

Question 1:One of the biggest joys in life would have to be
The adrenaline rush I get from taking risks
The feeling you get when you help someone less fortunate than you.
A good laugh
Telling that person that made you upset to go &%#$ himself

Question 2:In school, you could be found
Seeing how far you could push the teacher before they totally spaz on you
Helping kids that didn’t understand their homework
Cracking jokes that make everybody laugh.
Picking on the underclassmen
Not in school.

Question 3:If you won the lottery, what would you do with it?
Go somewhere I've never been, but wanted to go
Open my own comedy club
Party party party, like I'm a rockstar
Hoard it all, and keep it to myself
Share the wealth and take my friends out for a good time

Question 4:Your life is most like a....
a romance novel
music video
an adventure movie
whatever it is, I'm the bad guy
a comedy

Question 5:A person of the opposite sex, that you find unattractive, approaches you at the bar, and offers to buy you a drink. You....
Say yes to the drink, even though you have no intention of talking to them afterwards. (Hey, a free drink is a free drink)
Tell them kindly that you're taken (even if you're not) But your flattered
Say yes to the drink and invite them to sit with you. Hey... they might not be attractive, but they could still be fun.
Make a wisecrack to distract them and then bolt outta sight.
Tell them that they are pretty nasty and to go away

Question 6:Which of these jobs would you rather have?
Who needs a job?
repo man
a pilot
comic writer

Question 7:You're at a party, I recognize you because you're the one...
smoking pot in the garage
complimenting people on how they look
in the center of attention, the life of the party
who's not there because all those people suck
At the door making sure only the people who are invited are allowed in.

Question 8:As a kid you were..
making all the adults laugh
always getting in trouble for your cocky attitude
Always plotting your latest adventure
watching waaaay to much TV
pretty well behaved

Question 9:Which TV station would you rather watch
Game Show Network
Discovery Channel

Question 10:The perfect vacation would be....
A hike through the rainforest
A romantic getaway in the Caribbean
Anywhere I don't have to be around people

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