What male Anime character are you?
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What male Anime character are you?

This is a test to see what male character you are from some animes. Don't think too hard now, or it's likely you won't be any :-D

Question 1:You see a giant monster. What's your first thought?
Defeat it without any trouble, and without killing it.
Time for a battle!
Mission accepted
I hope it's not another fiancée!
I mustn’t run away...

Question 2:Alright, it's defeated. What do you do?
Wonder what you did to make someone mad this time.
Return to headquarters
Try, and fail, to stop it from killing itself.
Finish it off
Throw a multicolored ball at it

Question 3:You encounter the girl you like. You...
Wonder why she's so quiet all the time
Threaten to kill her
Try and act like you're NOT the person she's looking for.
Argue that cheeseburgers are, in fact, a nice food
It depends on the one. The short-haired one, I tell her she's uncute. The one that wants to be a guy, I ask her for free food.

Question 4:After traveling for days, you encounter a city. They're having a contest. You...
Sit back and watch. You're not into that thing
Kill everyone there
Say "Finally!" You've traveled for a year or so just to qualify!
Get forced into it by that crazy priest
Accidentally eat the grand prize and/or enter it

Question 5:You win the contest. What happens next?
The second place person tries to hunt you down and kill you
Wonder how you could've done so well.
You stop the snipers on the roof from killing you, without killing them.
Put up a peace sign and hug your pet

Question 6:You're lost in the woods.
Get scared and hope that someone will protect you.
It happens all the time. No biggie.
Complain that you're starting to pick up bad habits from your rival
Easily find your way out. After all, you can see much higher than that.
I don't live near any woods.

Question 7:Your greatest enemy...
Is always 15 steps ahead of me.
Are huge, demonic monsters out to destroy the world
I have two. One's gone insane and wants to destroy the earth. The other is in love with war and death.
Is occasionally your own father, but mostly a guy who followed you for a long period of time over lost lunches.
Is my brother. He's insane.

Question 8:Your greatest ally(s)...
My fiancées, usually.
Know much more about my art than I do.
Are a wise and super strong idiot and a girl who shoots about as good as I do
One thinks he's a god, one is nameless, one is smart and possibly gay, and one's chinese.
One's a major. One's insane, and one is a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Question 9:If you could describe your best friend in one word, it would be:
Tough or Hacker.
Suicidal. As am I.
uncute... or cute, depending on who we're talking about, here.

Question 10:Why do you fight?
Because it is my mission.
Because everyone wants to kill me.
I... don't know.
Because it's fun!
Because people are always mad at me... usually because of my father.

Question 11:Are you suicidal?
Not usually.
I disapprove of suicide more than anything.
I try not to be, but sometimes, it's hard to avoid walking off that cliff...
Of course. Why wouldn't I be?
No, I just go crazy at times.

Question 12:Are you smart?
Of course I am! Who have you been talking to?
I was born more intelligent than most people. I'm also older than all my friends. I am smarter, but I don't like to show it. Also, I can be an idiot at times.
I can catch onto stuff quickly, I suppose.
I consider myself intelligent enough.

Question 13:Are you a good fighter?
I don't like to, but I'm a great shot.
Well, I don't fight personally. I just let my friends do it.
I have been trained since I was a child to be so.
The best!
I... I guess...

Question 14:When do you wake up?
Early, but I don't like it.
Early in the morning for my daily workout
In time to get ready for school... or I don't sleep.
When I get my next mission

Question 15:What do you like to eat the most?
Cheeseburgers, pizza, hot dogs... anything so long as it's good.
Something instant. I don't trust my roommate nor my caretaker's cooking
Okonomiyaki! It's wonderful! (Usually described as Japanese pizza)
Anything, so long as I can eat it quickly and finish with my mission

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