Which Anime Demon Are You?

Take this test to find out what anime demon character you are!!

Question 1:You see a girl who's about to be eaten by wolves. What do you do?
Help without hesitation.
Ask her what's in it for you and if you like the answer, you help her.
You do nothing. You watch the wolves devour her. After all you hate humans.
"Humans (snarl)" but you help her anyway.

Question 2:Someone has kidnapped your loved one. What do you do?
Wonder what your loved one did in order to get themselves kidnapped. Once you find your loved one, you yell at them about how stupid they are, they were lucky you were bored and that is the only reason that you went looking.
Go on a killing spree until you find the culprit and then annihilate them.
I don't have any loved ones! All I need is myself!
Think and investigate the situation. Then once you find the culprit you turn him into the proper authorities.

Question 3:You have a deep dark secret that you only told one other person. You would tell the person what if they ever told another soul?
You don't say anything because you trust that person would never tell your secret.
You talk....I will hunt you down and kill you!
You have no secrets and you would trust no one!
You tell them you would have a fit and probably ignore them.

Question 4:You see a thief running by with a possession that you would like to own. What do you do?
You chase the thief down and return the item.
You trip the thief, say, "Oops" and take the possession and run away with your quickness.
You have all that you need. Chasing thieves is boring.
You chase the thief down, kill them and keep it for yourself.

Question 5:You need a weapon made in order to save the world or serve your own purposes. You locate the one person who can make it for you. How do you ask the person to make it?
"Please, kind sir, could you please make this weapon that I need." Then you would go into detail as to why you need this weapon.
"Are you going to make the stupid weapon I asked for or not? If not, I'll just go find someone else who will, you stupid man!"
"Make this weapon for me now or die!!"
I need this weapon made now. If you refuse, you will find yourself without arms!"

Question 6:Someone has asked you for help and you are the only demon who can help them? What do you do?
Growl about the situation but help anyway.
Tell them that you will help them in any way you can!
I help no one!
Ask what you would get in return for helping them. Also ask them why they are so weak that they can't help themselves.

Question 7:You don't look like a human (of course not! You're a demon!). When you walk into town, people point, stare and some even laugh. How do you handle the situation?
Kill one person as an example and tell the rest of the people to stop or they will be dead too.
Call them stupid humans but do nothing.
Annihilate the whole village and then just walk away as if nothing happened.
Express your anger and tell everyone that it's rude and to stop it.

Question 8:Anyone that knows you (as a demon) would describe you as:
sarcastic, mean
sarcastic and funny
conceited and cool
intelligent and patient

Question 9:You are fighting in a tournament. You are about to face your first opponent. What do you do or say?
Say nothing, strike first and eventually win your match.
Study your opponents moves, strike when you know all their moves and win your match.
Say, "I have to face a weakling like you?!! Give me a break!" You get some nice shots in, your opponent kicks you around but somehow you end up being the winner.
"This match isn't even worth my time." And before you finish your sentence, the opponent is down and you win your match.

Question 10:In every situation you act on........
first think the situation out and then act

Question 11:A human has a crush on you. How do you treat her?
Kill that human for even thinking of liking you! Inferior being!!
Treat her like garbage.
Human?! I need no one.
Feel flattered.

This Quiz has been designed by Majin Prince Vegeta.