What Kind of Anime Character Are You?

Ever wondered what kind of character (anime or not) you'd be? The energetic one? The demented one? The happy-go-lucky gal? Well, come on then...

Question 1:   Would you ever dye your hair?
Sure, why not? But only a natural color...
... Can you rephrase the question?
Maybe, something that really stands out. Like blue, or pink...
Noo! I love my *normal shaded* hair, are you crazy!
. . . You can dye your hair? O.o I didn't know that!

Question 2:   So... what month were you born in?
October, November, December
April, May, June
January, February, March
July, August, September
... I don't remember...? *blush*

Question 3:   What is your favorite color?
All of them!
I prefer cool, such as purple, blue - you know.
I like hot colors! You know - red, yellow, orange
Uhhh.. mmm... clear?

Question 4:   Do you think you are outgoing?
No way!
Yeah, I think I am.
Umm... maybe? Yeah, maybe.
Hold on a minute, lemme get out my dictionary...

Question 5:   What do you think of children?
I love kids! (most of the time) They're cute!
What? ... oh, sometimes.
Yeah, sure. They're okay.
Children? Err.. those snotty little spoiled rotten brats.... *starts mumbling*
... they're alright. As long as I don't have to be around them every second of the day

Question 6:   If you could be any animal...
A dog! Who in their right minds would want to be anything else!
A cat. So I can sleep. All. Day.
Uh... Probably any kind of bird, preferable wild like an eagle.
Something that everyone is afraid of, like a bear, or a tiger.
A cute little kitten or a bunny! Ohhh, a puppy!

Question 7:   Lunch Time: You see a new girl sitting all by herself. You:
Immediately walk up to the girl and start chatting away, forgetting to introduce yourself. (Of course you remember 15 minutes later, after the girl is already scared to death by you)
Don't really care, I have fifteen minutes to study for my Science Test that I FAILED last week while eating my leftover pizza from last night for lunch... *takes a breath*
Ditch your friends, sit next to the new girl, and strike up a conversation.
Notice the girl, but don't really care since you are in a deep conversation with your friends arguing over whether Ranma acts more like a guy or a girl.
Tell your friends to come with you and sit next to the new girl.

Question 8:   You stay up all night finishing a group project (your the only one actually working on it). The next day, your group blows off all of your hard work because your enemy decided to also work on a different idea. The group liked his/hers better. What do you do?
I don't really care. Hey, next time I won't even do anything. Finally! Someone else to do the work. My dreams have come true!
Take your enemy's papers, rip them into shreds, and laugh in his/her face. Heh, that'll take care of everything.
Continue to go along with it, but stare daggers at your enemy and quietly sulk.
Get very upset, but don't tell anyone. You patiently wait for someone to notice and ask what's wrong.
Look around for something hard to throw at your enemies head. So what if I get in trouble? Hey, I'll get out of this whole project. Works for me.

Question 9:   Just for the record, What is your favorite Anime out of the following?
Yu Yu Hakeshu (spelt wrong)
Ranma 1/2
Oh! My Goddess
Inu Yasha

Question 10:   Another group project: Which Role Do You Play?
I don't do anything either, but I do CONSTANTLY tell everyone else how I'd rather be in my friend's groups. Idiots.
Time to work in a group? Yay. I can take a nap. (And I am NOT lazy... I'm just.. uh... I had a busy day.. yeah..) *snore*
The one who helps(somewhat) or kind of pretends to help, but only talks alot. I don't really do anything, but everybody thinks I do. Lucky me ^^
I constantly talk. Non-stop. Until someone tells me to shut up. Then I start glaring at them and talking about how rude they were to me when I was trying to work.
The one who does all of the work! Pah-lease...! This is getting old! Why don't they just make this an individual project?

This Quiz has been designed by Miss Marie Qiao-Chan.