What comic are you?
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What comic are you?

Let's see what Backyard Comic are you?

Question 1:   What do you do for fun?
Watch TV
Take geeky tests like these
Read your comix

Question 2:   Do you like to read?
A little
It's ok
Hate it
What did you say? I can't quite see it....

Question 3:   Where do you hang out?
In my private jet, of course
In a sheriff town outside of Texas

Question 4:   What's your favorite show?
Anything on Family
Stuff on Teletoon
Japanese Animation shows

Question 5:   Why did you take this test?
To find out what my character is, duh.
You tricked me into it!

Question 6:   Are you a geek?
No, no, I'm cool.
I'm so cool I'm taking this test!
Yup, being picked on..... just part of the out-crowd

Question 7:   Do you have a temper problem?
Calm and cool.....that's the key.
These sleeping pills sure work.....yawn.......
What did you just say? Tell that to my face punk! I gonna beat you so hard your clothes will be out of style!

Question 8:   Do you like it when I say, "free!"
I think I'm flying away in a meadow, swiftly flying free.....
Oh, oh.....say it again! Please!
Whoa! Did you just say free? I'll buy it!

Question 9:   Are you on a diet?
No, I'm nice and good
A little like I'm on a personal diet..... it doesn't mean you can harass me!
Shh........you'll wake my stomach.... it's trying to stay still....stupid desk, blocking my stomach's path....

Question 10:   Are you tired?
I'm going to bed.
No, never.

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