Which Hero Are You?
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Which Hero Are You?

This is a test to determine which comic book hero you are. Have fun.

Question 1:   What best describes you?
Efficient, ruthless, determined, and a tactical genius
Brave, focused, & a person who commands respect
Noble, powerful, and righteous
Single-minded, angry, efficient, & clinically insane
Selfless, brave, & stressed

Question 2:   What do you wear?
Something fit for a kind/warlord
Scary Kevlar
Brightly colored battle fatigues

Question 3:   What type of weapon(s) do you use?
Whatever's lying around
A shield
I have a diverse arsenal of non-lethal weapons
M-16, M-4, grenades, rocket launcher, sniper rifle, etc.
An ancient weapon of noble warfare

Question 4:   What type of special skills do you have?
Um... I microwave good waffles, and I got all A's in science
I'm greatly skilled and experienced in the art of battle
Too many to count
God-like power, and an attitude to match.

Question 5:   Do you like cheese?
Sorry, no autographs
As long as it's not threatening me
Verily. Cheese and meade.
Are you feeling lucky? 'Cause I'd be happy to gamble with your life

Question 6:   Would you describe yourself as friendly?
What dost thou think?
Most of the time.
Don't make me hurt you
I try.

Question 7:   What's your type of girl?
There's only one girl for me.
Hopefully, I'll find out someday.
She's dead.
One that is noble and trustworthy - a good friend.
I don't have the time.

Question 8:   Do you agree with the death penalty?
What must be done, has to be done.
I dunno. Most of my time is spent trying not to get framed.
It's not my concern, it's the law's.
It's what I live by.
I'll leave that up to the American people.

Question 9:   Do you have a sense of humor?
Yes. All beings need respite and merriment.
Yeah, it makes waiting in line easier.
I have to work at it, but yes, I do.
Leave me alone.

Question 10:   What's your mode of transportation?
Why are you asking?
The rainbow bridge.
I either swing from buildings or hop on a bus.
I have my ways.
It varies

Question 11:   What's your typical adversary?
Mostly green guys.
Those who would threaten peace.
Enemies of freedom.
Any who seek evil.

Question 12:   Do you kill?
Seldom do I take a life.
... No

Question 13:   How's your love life?
I'd rather not talk about it
Couldn't be better
Don't ask.
This is a most inappropriate question, mortal.

Question 14:   What's your favorite music?
Heavenly sounds.
1940s jazz.
That would depend on what kind of mood I'm in...
I hate rap music and the thugs that sing it.

Question 15:   What would most likely be your catch phrase?
Semper Fi!
Prepare to die.

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