What Would I Look Like As Anime/Manga Male Character? Quiz

You must be really into anime/manga since you're checking out my quiz! So have you ever wondered what YOU would look like as one? Well, now you can find out! Take this quiz to see your appearance! Bet it will be pretty cool! (Disclaimer: None of these pictures is mine.)

  • 1
    What color are your anime eyes? (If you haven't found this out in a quiz, what color would you like them to be?)
  • 2
    What color is your anime hair? (If you haven't found this out in a quiz, what color would you like it to be?)
  • 3
    Are you posing for the picture, or doing an action shot?

  • 4
    What expression are you usually wearing?
  • 5
    What can people see when they look into your eyes?
  • 6
    Of these, which animal best represents your personality?

  • 7
    Of these, which is your favorite color? (Everyone's favorite question!)
  • 8
    What is your favorite time of day?
  • 9
    Of these, which word are you most drawn to?
  • 10
    Of these, which symbol do you like most?

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22 days ago
i have a d in math......cause i am lazy , i felt like sleeping i was tryna keep myself awake
22 days ago
For 40% you are: So what would you look like as an anime/manga? You are...


Wake up, sleepyhead! You have trouble focusing at school because you didn't get enough sleep. You are NOT a morning person - I hope you have a loud alarm clock! But you'll be OK, someone will make sure you're up when you need to be!
34 days ago
i really fell in love with what i came out
55 days ago
this is a really good site
74 days ago
it's not my fault I stay up till 2am watching BL anime
74 days ago
Got tired boy. Fair enough slept in till 11:30 today. Still so tired. Failed my English test on Wednesday because i fell asleep halfway through it. Heh!
166 days ago
Me too!
181 days ago
GOT LONELY BOY . Well Thats how I lead my life till now
189 days ago
I got Quite kid .... but I fell more than that 😐 yes am Quite most of the time but still thought...
199 days ago
woops i thought this was a boys and girls quiz....lol
205 days ago
hi im just a pop up yay- 🕊
217 days ago
I idk 😐this fun???
218 days ago

um what sir i don't think that has anything to do with-
241 days ago
im a girl but thats okay
244 days ago
Didn’t know the quiz was for boys but I’m nonbinary soo lol
250 days ago
…I wanna look as hot as I would look as an amine/manga character… T.T was hoping by some miracle that I'd get Near or Mello… lmao but that's dumb thinking.
258 days ago
I just maked Out with my new gf
279 days ago
WoW tHaNks FoR mAkInG mE "tHE TirEd oNE" oh and btw thanks for verifying i🚔at school ;) iM tOtTALy Not GoNnA yEeT mY COmPuTEr-- >:(
286 days ago
bruh i thought this was for girls lmao
286 days ago