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Anime edition!
I will describe your personality by an English Human's name, but I will add a cute anime girls in the results.

  • 1
    Once upon a time, you are walking inside a store while you find your crush.
    You run to him and you try to start a lovely conversation so you two can get together.
    Though, imagine you were too afraid to tell him you liked him.
    He says, "Hi.", and then it began to be quiet.
    So you reply, "Do you want to go to that shoe shop?"
    And he replies, "Um, sure."
  • 2
    You look at a shirt you adore.
    So then, you pick it up and see the price, and then you put it down saying "I can't afford that."
    And then you remember the money you got from your latest fashion show.
    "I can afford that!" you think in your mind.
    When you walk there quickly, you notice your worst enemy had already picked it up, and was walking to the cashier, as if she was planning to buy it.
    You tap her shoulder, saying "I had that first."
    The enemy replies "No you didn't, I never saw you."
    She swore if you didn't leave her alone she would punch you.
    So you walked away.
  • 3
    As you and your crush walk out of the store, you get your final moment.

  • 4
    You walk and stick by a pole to see the whole mall.
    It looked wonderful to you, but you didn't want to show it.
    And you just stood there, looking at clouds and greeting new people in the mall like a hostess.

    After quite a time by the pole, you get into your car at 6:02.
    When you stopped at a red light, you looked through the window to see anything new.

    Then you notice a whole variety of your favorite shops and restaurants, all in one place.
  • 5
    When you get home, you see your sister regularly playing IMVU on her computer.
    "Who are you chatting with?" you ask, as you look. "Who's 'bunnygalishkawaii209', and what does that even mean?"
    Your sister didn't noticed you were there.
    And then, you chose to ignore her.
    You see her friend saying "baii, g2g" to her.
    She replied "aw baii boo~:3" and left the chat.
    Rolling her chair over, she finally recognized that you were behind her.
    "It's my turn!" you yell.
    "No, it's not, you dummy!" she yelled back.
  • 6
    You and your friend, madelinerihanna654, were chatting.
    madelinerihanna654: you watch soul eater?
    justinewilliams9: of course y?
    madelinerihanna654: its a nice anime if you watch it
    justinewilliams9: I do watch it XD
    justinewilliams9: do you play gta?
    madelinerihanna654: whats that
    justinewilliams9: a game where you break laws
    madelinerihanna654: I don't like that kind of stuff
    justinewilliams9: neither do i:)
    madelinerihanna654: yay ^_^
    justinewilliams9: g2g bye
    madelinerihanna654: you're not leaving, plz don't:(
    justinewilliams9: err...
    justinewilliams9 has left the chat.

    You were ready to go to bed.
    As you yawn, you get your pajama's on.

  • 7
    Getting everything done slowly, you take off all your make up and you use the toilet.
    You go to the kitchen to make some tasty coffee.
    As you mix, you see something deadly- a bug!
  • 8
    Your friend calls you for a sleepover.
    "Oh, that'll be great!" you reply, getting everything set up in the house.

    A few minutes later, someone knocked on the door.
    "My friend's here!" you say, as you open the door.

    It wasn't..
    your friend.
    It was a beggar asking for help.
    "Okay, then have this sandwich." you say.
    "No thank you," the 'fake' beggar said, as she walked away.
  • 9
    You finally hear a knock on the door! You open it, as you see your friend, all packed up.
    "Hi!" she says, putting down her bags.
    "Are you sleeping already?" she asked.
    "Nope, I was just waiting," you replied.
    "Let's play Tic Tac Toe!" she yelled, getting out her papers.
  • 10
    You two tucked in the bed tight.
    "Good night," she said.

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148 days ago
im Samantha. im cute, pretty and sweet. sometimes i may push peoples around for my one good, but everyone makes mistakes. im very cheerful and jumpy, and had a job as cheerleader. thats what this quiz says about me.
175 days ago
You are a very calm young lady, and you are very polite at times.
Your goal is to be as proper as possible.

Sometimes, you may get into the romance spirit because you're French. this is soooooo not me nope not me