Which cartoon character are you most like?

Are you a genius like Dexter? Are you moody like Eeeyore? Are you kind and compassionate like a care bear? Are you sneaky and conniving like Jafar? Take this test to find out your cartoon personality.

Question 1:A building is on fire. There are people trapped inside. What do you do?
Quickly devise a plan to save the day
Look for someone else who might know what to do
Run in and make sure to get everyone out safely
Run for your life

Question 2:A friend is coming to visit and you notice you have no food in the house. What do you do?
Get creative. There is always something you can make!
Hide under the bed. They will think you aren't home and go away.
Grab a map and calculate the fastest way to the store.
Oh my goodness! What should I do? What should I do?

Question 3:Your homework is really hard one night. You ...
Copy someone else's homework.
Take a deep breath and plunge right in.
Tell your mom you're sick and stay home.
Homework, hard? You've got to be kidding!

Question 4:You're mom asks you to watch your little sister. You ...
Tell her you already have plans and run out the door before she can say anything more.
Plan some fun activities to do with her.
Give her a blank stare and then remind her that the last time you babysat, you lost your sister for two hours.
Bake cookies and play tea party with your sister.

Question 5:In biology it's time to dissect frogs. What do you do?
Take charge and learn everything there is to know about frogs.
What's a scalpel?
Worry that you might hurt the poor frog.
Go to the nurses office and say you feel nauseous.

Question 6:There is a car accident on the highway. What do you do?
Stop and make sure everyone is okay.
Keep driving.
Call 911 and make sure the proper authorities are notified.
Panic! Does this mean the roads are icy? What if I'm in an accident too?

Question 7:You are walking down the street and see a wallet lying on the ground. You ...
Pretend you don't see it.
Pick it up and give it to a policeman.
Take the wallet home and write a letter to it's owner on the value of responsibility.
Why would someone put a wallet there? They must not want it anymore!

Question 8:You were planning a picnic, but when you wake up, it's raining. What do you do?
Check the weather channel to see if the rain is supposed to stop anytime soon.
Call your friend and cry.
Start baking. You will just invite everyone to your house for a party instead.
Stay in bed.

Question 9:Your grandmotherÂ’s birthday is coming up. You ...
Make her a beautiful birthday card.
Oh no! Grandma always pinches my cheeks!
Plan an elaborate party.

Question 10:In your free time you like to ...
Read, make things, solve problems, and fix things.
Hang out with your best friend.
babysit, make cookies, do things for your friends and family.

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