Which Cartoon Character are you most like?
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Which Cartoon Character are you most like?

Are you like Bugs Bunny? Tazmanian Devil? Belle? Or the Road Runner?

Question 1:If a stranger came up to you and gave you a million dollars what would you do?
Thank them oh so politely.
Look at them blankly and run away.
Eat it.
Play it cool, THEN STEAL IT.

Question 2:If a bad guy were chasing after you, how would you go about running away?
Eat him.
Run, then play a nasty, but funny trick on him.
RUN, until your prince comes and beats him up.
Just, well, run.

Question 3:If you ran into someone, what would you say to him?
You don't run into people.
You've always tried not to run into people, but when you do, you excuse yourself.
Eat him.
Look at him blankly, then run away.

Question 4:When do you usually read?
Not that often, but sometimes I do.
I eat them.
Other people read them for me.

Question 5:What languages do you know?
I eat other languages.
I know how to swear, but everyone blocks it out.
I know one, wait ya thats all!
I know to many!!!

Question 6:What do you like to do in your spare time?
Ummmmmm, just hang out and play it cool.
Read, and hang out with my dad!

Question 7:How well do you get along with people?
If they're good, they're good, if they try and kill me, well good luck to them.
I eat them.
I'm open to meet new people!
Swear at them.

Question 8:What do you watch on T.V.?
I don't watch TV
I EAT TVs!!!
I swear at it a lot...
I watch it sometimes, when I have nothing better to do.

Question 9:When are you sad?
I'm never sad!
When everyone else is sad.
When I don't get to eat.
I always have a smile on my face!!!

Question 10:How'd you like this test?
I ate it.
It was good, I LOVED it!!!
What test? Oh, um I was swearing through it.
I liked it.

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