Which Doki Doki Literature Club Character Am I?*

This is a quick test to determine which Doki Doki character matches your personality best. Are you Yuri, Monika, Natsuki, Sayori, or just your own wonderful self? Find out right now by trying out my quiz! P.S.: I can guarantee all results aren’t ‘JustMonika’:-)

  • 1
    You wake up on an average school day. What's your first thought? Pick the closest.
    You wake up on an average school day. What's your first thought? Pick the closest.
  • 2
    You arrive at school. Where do you head first?
  • 3
    It’s lunch time! What do you eat? Pick the closest.

  • 4
    Wow, the lunchroom is pretty crowded. Which group’s yours?
  • 5
    Time for class! Which stereotype are you?
  • 6
    If you were a parent, you’d most likely:

  • 7
    As a romantic partner, you’re:
  • 8
    What do you look for in a partner?
  • 9
    Be honest and sincere on this one. How romantically obsessive are you?
  • 10
    Favourite activity? Pick the closest.

Comments (167)


768 days ago
i got Monika, all though i do not know how we are alike, im not crazy for a person i dont murder
772 days ago
I got yuri, I can’t understand why are we familiar though
784 days ago
I got Monika
786 days ago
I got Natsuki
It true I am Natsuki baka
790 days ago
wut...how am I yuri called myself the dumass... actually I got sayori once... I am the opposite of sayori and yuri and I do not have a crush
817 days ago
It beeped out my last comment with emojis... I was just quoting what the thing said 😤
817 days ago
How dare you? :0
The 🌻 thing called me "bat🌻 insane". What did I do to you, huh? 😔
Also, water is for nerds. Don't tell me to "sip more of it", you nerd! Go drink some water like the commoner nerd you are. 😬

[[Btw dont take this seriously]]
819 days ago
How am i monika-
just howwww
825 days ago
I Got Yuri, I can understand how we are similar, my fav colour is purp, I have some cool knives.
835 days ago
I really don’t think I’m Just Monika... I reeeeaaaallly wanted Natsuki because I (thought) we had a lot in common, because we both look cute on the outside (not not to brag! I just mean my friends say that I’m cute so I’m taking their word) but I can be a little mean, but I honestly can’t help it, but I try to be my best
855 days ago
no i dont want to be monika!!!!!!!!!!!! :C i mean shes alright i guess, but no i tought yuri or something monika isnt insicuere!
860 days ago
Ooo I got Monika! Just Monika! More like Just senpai and that stupid himedere and some weird danderes and derederes.
861 days ago
i'm Sayori and I DON'T LIKE IT. I mean..we are like twins xD but i wanted to be Natsuki
863 days ago
lol I got monika! I knew from the start- xDD
I can very relate- I love monika, not at first but its just a test! so now when Halloween arives and all this corona thing is done we can finally cosplay TwT -w-' im happy to be monika tbh! x3
866 days ago
Anyway natsuki the 3rd best girl... Or 2nd?
875 days ago
I got Yuri. I can REALLY relate to her for these reasons: I did cut myself when I was about 11. I have some pretty cool knives. My favorite color is purple. Etc
888 days ago
I'm Monika.Actually, I don't know much about Doki Doki Literature. But, I will search more about it^v^
889 days ago
I was monika.. how..
889 days ago
I guess I'm Natsuki, I like manga, im more concerned if people like me or not, and im also the person who'd call the person they like a 💑
906 days ago
I did this test so many times but i got monika on every one of them. I dont know how im monika, and my natsuki is my favorite character. I WAS HOPEING FOR NATSUKI