Which Doki Doki Literature Club Character Am I?*

This is a quick test to determine which Doki Doki character matches your personality best. Are you Yuri, Monika, Natsuki, Sayori, or just your own wonderful self? Find out right now by trying out my quiz! P.S.: I can guarantee all results aren’t ‘JustMonika’:-)

  • 1
    You wake up on an average school day. What's your first thought? Pick the closest.
    You wake up on an average school day. What's your first thought? Pick the closest.
  • 2
    You arrive at school. Where do you head first?
  • 3
    It’s lunch time! What do you eat? Pick the closest.

  • 4
    Wow, the lunchroom is pretty crowded. Which group’s yours?
  • 5
    Time for class! Which stereotype are you?
  • 6
    If you were a parent, you’d most likely:

  • 7
    As a romantic partner, you’re:
  • 8
    What do you look for in a partner?
  • 9
    Be honest and sincere on this one. How romantically obsessive are you?
  • 10
    Favourite activity? Pick the closest.

Comments (167)


1002 days ago
I got Monika, and the description was just cruel. Like, it just makes people feel bad! I’m guessing your Monika in real life, because what you described Monika as is cruel. I got Monika, and I was like so insulted, because in these type of quizzes you describe the character and the viewer.
1005 days ago
I said I did not really care what my love intrest is doing, i just want them happy but I got MONIKA! I thought i would get Sayori maybe because a lot of my personality is like her (the happy type not sad) but I guess im Monika, and another one I got Yuri even though i said I hang out with friends a lot and stuff, man these questions always confuse me
1006 days ago
I did the other quiz and I got Sayori, I think of myself as Sayori, my friends say I act like Sayori, WHY DID I GET MONIKA-
1007 days ago
i got Monika. i guess it is right, considering i am a mix of Natsuki and Monika. although, im more of a Natsuki. Natsuki is my spirit animal.
1016 days ago
i mostlly get Yuri in these test but know i got natsuki
1018 days ago
I tried to get Yuri but I got Natsuki?
1023 days ago
I tried to get yuri but,I got Monika. I don’t understand.I would much rather go to the library instead over mooning on protags pictures. :/
1028 days ago
i got natsuki!? but... in other tests i kept getting sayori...i do not like this...
1035 days ago
I got natsuki which is kinda funny because irl I’m a really short person who’s obsessed with baking and anime. ;-;
1040 days ago
I got sayori I knew I was her though were practically the same person hehe
1046 days ago
I’m Monika ;P but I feel like between Yuri and Sayori
1048 days ago
I got Natuski my second favorite character in the Doki Doki Liturture Club. I'm still gonna try to get Yuri and maybe Sayori too.
1048 days ago
I GOT MONIKA! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!! I'M NOT MEAN AND BOSSY(SORRY PEEPS WHO LIKE MONIKA!:))AND I'M DEFENTLY NOT A YANDERE!!! I WOULD BE YURI! Even though the the song Just Monika has Yuri acting like a weirdo around Senpai I would still be Yuri.
1050 days ago
I got Monika

Just Monika
1050 days ago
I got just Monika

Just Monika
1058 days ago
I’m Yuri wow just wow
1068 days ago
I tried to get yuri two time and both times I got manica it's and when I came back my answer s changed!?
1071 days ago
((navy)i am surprised how much people like monika nothing agenst it just surprised but i got natsuki so i dont mind
1077 days ago
I'm not Natsuki this test isn't true
1078 days ago
I got Yuri, who I have a Total crush on, so yay