Which DDLC Character Am I?

Are you one of the biggest DDLC fan of all time?
Which character is your favorite, and who are you most like? Are you sweet like Sayori or determined like Monika?

Take this DDLC personality test now to see which Doki Doki Literature Club character you are! Will it be Monika, Natsuki, Sayori or Yuri? You might be surprised which one you get ... but then again, they're all awesome!
Have fun!

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    Which of these types of people do you find the most interesting?
    Which of these types of people do you find the most interesting?

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9 days ago
I got 73 percent Natsuki and 27 percent Sayori what can I say I love me some anime and depression.
18 days ago
i got 81 percent natsuki 9 percent yuri and monika 1 for sayori
23 days ago
I got 36% for both Sayori and Natsuki yippee
42 days ago
Yay i got Yuri and shes my favorite. There's so many comments on here. When I was in the 6th grade me and my friends would always play ddlc.
142 days ago
Alright.. 90% Sayori? I think it's true since i'm too depressive.
233 days ago
i just wanted to get yuri and i got monika
monika is my least fav and yuri is my fav
yuriiiiiiiiiiiiiii :(
359 days ago
One more thing, I don't really like myself so that is more Sayori. : )
359 days ago
Adding this to other comment, me and Yuri are also both insane. HAHAHAHA! (Jk, I can't laugh like a phsyco) ( Just act like one)
359 days ago
I am 92% Yuri and 8% Sayori. I like both girls. I mostly relate with Yuri though. We both like knives and horror. I also am shy. I do like making people happy too, so that's why I relate to Sayori. Not really surprised. No monika or natsuki. (I don't like natsuki) : )
390 days ago
I got Sayori hehe. I’m not rlly surprised tbh, when I played ddlc for the first time I related too much with Sayori - mental illnesses and all!
437 days ago
Frick I'm 100 percent Yuri well Yuri's my fav anyway also I feel like I'm very related anyway so cool
445 days ago
So, I tried again. I got 8% Monika and……………… 92% YURI!!! 0% for Natsuki and Sayori again.
445 days ago
I got 58% Monika, 42% Yuri and other two 0%. I guess I’m Monika. I do like the song ‘ Just Monika’
453 days ago
I am a bit if everyone:3
469 days ago
I guess i am %83 Yuri, but i am so extra in reading...i...cant stop reading!!! :D
494 days ago
I got Yuri, hehe. Did you also have that feeling, you know who you're going to be but somehow you took extra wrong answers?
538 days ago
bro this isn't even a quiz cuz you can tell who is what in each question
540 days ago
........................................ ..................... UwU
554 days ago
deez nuts
555 days ago
I got sayori ^^ i ligitimently have every thing in common with her so kinda obvious H@H@H@H@H@H@H@ I'M SO SAD H@H@@H@H@H@H@H@H@H@ I HATE MYSELF