The Dbz-fan Quiz!
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The Dbz-fan Quiz!

Find out which Dbz-fan member you are! And for those of you who are a member, find out which one you should be! Then you can say "I am this person!" when you get back to the site!

Question 1:What is your favorite activity?
Watching Power Rangers.
Being sarcastic.
Watching porn.
Helping people.
o_o *runs*

Question 2:Where would you most likely be found in your leisure time?
Watching porn.
Searching the net for pics for my new sig!
Studying the Lord of the Rings books.
Illegally downloading programs off the net.
o_o *runs*

Question 3:Who is your favorite member of Dbz-fan?
Just the ones that bring me soda
Everyone! They're all wonderful!
o_o *runs*
No one, they're all asshats.
Loth Quendi!

Question 4:What are you posts always about?
How wonderful people are!
The Power Rangers 10th Anniversary Special!
How stupid people really are.
Clever ways to inform people of how great porn is.
o_o *runs*

Question 5:What music do you listen to?
Lord of the Rings soundtrack! It's so magical!
Cool stuff.
*'Tenks constantly holds gun up to forehead* Tool, of course.
Power Rangers soundtrack, duh!
o_o *runs*

Question 6:Who is your hero?
Hugh Hefner.
J.R.R. Tolkien
Johnny Yong Bosch, he plays the black ranger!
o_o *runs*

Question 7:How many times a day do you go to the bathroom?
o_o *runs*
2 or 3

Question 8:What is your dream job?
Power ranger of course.
Author of Lord of the Rings *sighs*
o_o *runs*
Boss of Earth.
Lady's man

Question 9:What is your favorite movie?
American Pie
o_o *runs*
*'Tenks still holds gun* Anything with Tool on the Soundtrack.
"Power Rangers the Movie", jeez you guys are slow...
"Lord of the Rings"

Question 10:And finally, if you had one wish what would it be?
To meet all the Power Rangers.
For the Lord of The Rings box set.
For 'Tenks to put the gun down.
For an extremely large pile of porn right now.
o_o *runs...trips and falls*

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