Which DBZ race are you?
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Which DBZ race are you?

Which one are you, human, sayan, namek, or freezoid (?)? Take this test to find out.

Question 1:You and your friend are on a trip, when you discover that he forgot to bring cash. What do you do?
Doesn't matter, I'll just kill anybody who asks for cash.
Drive to an ATM and demand that he gets cash.
Peacefully agree to pay if he pays you back.
Doesn't matter, I forgot cash too!

Question 2:Your enemy has tried to surrender. How do you treat them?
Let him go- but keep an eye on him.
Let him go and ignore him.
Slaughter him.
Wait until he's rested and then fight him again.

Question 3:Who's your favorite character?
The righteous paladin
The bumbling thief
The chaotic barbarian
The ruthless tyrant

Question 4:What is your goal?
Power (political)
Power (physical)

Question 5:If you could have any power, what would it be?
To become an invincible warrior
To create anything
To control people's minds
To turn invisible

Question 6:Which is your least favorite goal?

Question 7:If you had to give up one thing, what would it be?
My money
My friends
My education
My material goods

Question 8:Which move do you learn?
An attack that makes your opponent strike at illusions of you.
An attack that restores your health.
An attack that doubles your strength.
An attack that makes your opponents bow before you.

Question 9:What do you think of when you see a new planet?
Wonder what the locals are like?
This looks like a good place to settle down...
How soon until they're under my boot?

Question 10:Finally, who's your favorite Z fighter?

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