Mari and Jojo's Dragon Knights Quiz
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Mari and Jojo's Dragon Knights Quiz

Jump into the bowels of hell and face the sheer terror that is the rich, obnoxious, annoying, gothic hobos from hell. Bow down to our awesome power and tremble in fear like the cowering maggot that thou art. Take this quiz or we shall hunt you down and smite you.

Question 1:   Are you a boy or a girl?
I’m a guy but I’ll dress in drag if you pay me.
What was the question? Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.
Of coarse I’m a guy you idiot! (sees large dust ball and chases after it with a feather duster)
Well, I’m pretty sure I’m a guy, BUT HALF THE KNOWN WORLD SEEMS TO THINK OTHER WISE! (Several deep, angry breaths)

Question 2:   You are walking along, minding your own business when you spy a demon. Your reaction to this is…
There you are, Fluffy! How did you get so far from home? Daddy missed you!
Oh my god! Look at all the filth it’s leaving behind!
Oh god, not another distraction. Why won’t they go away!
If I kill it, will people give me money?

Question 3:   What’s you favorite pastime?
Frolicking through the flowers!
Slashing at things with pointy objects!
Turning sweet, innocent creatures into evil beings (because I can)
Well it isn’t picking up after my slob of a master but that seems to be the only thing I have been doing.
Eating…no steeling… no wait! Ahhhhhhh!

Question 4:   Food?
WHAT! You DARE to bring that FILTH into my clean house! You barbarians
Food! That would be wonderful… if I could find my utensils… and plates… and napkins…
Oh… yippy
Food? As in… blood right? Right?

Question 5:   How do you tend to relive stress?
Clean… or destroy beautiful things.
Well, I usually try to sort through my things but since that usually ends up disastrous, I like to create evil minions and mess with peoples’ minds.
I eat anything I can get my hands on… well actually, I do that any way.
I meditate

Question 6:   How would you friends describe you?
Psychotic, a pyromaniac, scary
A bit loud and easily angered
“Unexpected Neat Freak”
Messy, absentminded

Question 7:   What is your fantasy world?
Oh, I don’ know, how about a CLEAN ONE for a change!
Money, shiny object, and food raining from the sky (eyes glistening)
Um… Um… I forgot… this is hard… help…

Question 8:   How would you describe yourself?
I think I’m good… and Rune is a girl OW!
I am the smartest living thing in the world and I deserve respect…~Sob~ No one loves meeeeeeeeeeeee ~wheeze, sniffle~
CLEAN! … and smart, and powerful, and NOT A HUMAN!
I heard that! I think I’m a guy! A GUY! That’s all we need to know!

Question 9:   Do people around you tend to understand you?
Not at all, my soul is a lonely wandering spirit, destined forever to be an outcast
Ha… haha… MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!… no not really
Na… I like being different, following the crowd is for those with insecurities
Most of the timeeeeeeee… no
Well, I don’t really know. I guess they wouldn’t, though, or they wouldn’t be so MESSY and they would stop making fun of my APRON.

Question 10:   Where are you right now?
Stuck in a treasury chest… I fell in when I was trying to get the shiny necklace
Amidst a battle field with bodies strewn everywhere… and I am as happy as I will ever be
In my library trying to find the notes from one of my early experiments… I know it’s here somewhere

Question 11:   How do you feel about your “family”?
I wish I had a real family but this one I s sufficient for now
Family? You can’t be serious! I trust no one! They should all roast in there own fat! Burn, I say! BURN!
Phs! What family? I feel like a slave! When can we start to kill humans?
I care deeply for them all
All my “children” are my loyal slaves… until I sell them… and Garfakcy is kinda’ weird

This Quiz has been designed by Jojo Demon.