Which Fairy Tail Character Am I?

Want to know which Fairy Tail character you're the most like? Well, then, take my Fairy Tail quiz right now - it's the most accurate one out there! You can TRY the others, but it's a good thing you came here when you did. Good luck! Hope you get the one you want.:-)

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    What is your favorite color?

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6 days ago
I got mostly Lucy and I have 6% natsu
9 days ago
I got 41% Lucy :3 24% Gray and some others :3
26 days ago
i got erza! not bad.
27 days ago
i cant stand people in general
31 days ago
I got natsu let’s go
36 days ago
cool, I got Gray
39 days ago
NATSUU!! YES!!!!!!!!!
45 days ago
For one of the questions it asked if your in a relationships and it doesn't say yes
47 days ago
I'm surprised I got lucy cause were nothing a like so I'm surprised.
60 days ago
I am confused on how I got so many...
63 days ago
Also for my first time I got pretty and my fave erza.
63 days ago
Cool i got Juvia, Lucy, Natsu, Erza, Gray and Juvia’s definition is exteremly loyal I love fairytail series
68 days ago
For 41% you are: Ready to find out which Fairy Tail character you are? Here we go....

YOU ARE NATSU! You are carefree and reckless by nature, but despite your recurring brawls with the other members of Fairy Tail, you are a fiercely loyal and protective friend.
19% of 297814 quiz participants had this profile! Profile A
70 days ago
i got lucyyy
74 days ago
i got Erza..... Oh well, i don't mind.
76 days ago
Well..i got Natsu............... HELL YA BOI! HAHA
94 days ago
They literally didn't even have a yes answer for the relationship questions (╥﹏╥) anyways i got Juvia
95 days ago
I got Lucy, basically spot on with me 😆
101 days ago
I got gray I’m so happy with that I’m also natsu and happy but can be Juvia and Ezra when I want to I’m barely ever Lucy tho
105 days ago
I got Erza which is weird because my NAME IS ERZA SMITH and like 🐤?!