Which Hunter x Hunter Character Am I?

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Do you absolutely, positively love - and practically live for - Hunter x Hunter? You must, since you're checking out my quiz!:-) Well, join the club! And while you're at it, find out which Hunter x Hunter character you're the most like. Try my quiz now!

  • 1
    How would you describe your personality? Pick the closest.
  • 2
    How would you prefer to spend your free time? Pick the closest.
  • 3
    Which kind of colors do you prefer?

  • 4
    What is your main motivation in life? Pick the closest.
  • 5
    How social are you?
  • 6
    How do you typically handle your problems?

  • 7
    About how many friends do you have?
  • 8
    What is your strongest point? Pick the closest.
  • 9
    What is your biggest weakness? Pick the closest.
  • 10
    How'd you like this quiz? (Doesn't affect score.)

Comments (68)


killua lol taking up characterssss
8 days ago
Ok I did it again with like nearly the same answers but a different one with the friends (which is also true about me) and Now I got Killua.
Ready for your result? You are Killua! You are chill, and just go with the flow. You're OK with whatever happens. You are strong, and can take on just about anyone. You don't have the best relationship with your family, but your friends make up for that, and you're happier than ever!

1. I take on my twin a lot
2. My parents mock me about every fault they can find in me
3. I feel happier around my friends :)
4. Idrc what happens to me
8 days ago
Ready for your result? You are Kurapika! You are calm, mature, centered, and organized. You are very wise and intelligent. You always think things through before you act. You have a close bond with your friends, and you always have a good strategy.

1. I am NOT calm. Like never.
2. Organized? Have you seen my room? Or what's going on inside my head?
3. I am not smart. Not one bit :'(
4. I don't think before I act... I just do
5. Strategy....? yeah like kick em? and just do what comes into your Mind that very second...?
9 days ago
Honestly I was expecting Killua. But i got best boy...i am my own senpai...weird
9 days ago
I got Leorio but idk if it's right-
10 days ago
In every test I took I got killua. Why?? I don’t like him
41 days ago
I got Kurapika.. I mean Im chill with it they a cool character.
42 days ago
Haha i got leorio but secretley im hersoka
48 days ago
I got hisoka 🧍‍♀️✨
50 days ago
i got kurapika and i mean my name is quite suiting-
54 days ago
OMG YES KILLUA! He is my Favorite anime Charakter ever!
57 days ago
killua? Kurapika I'm more like this my favorite character too
59 days ago
I got kurapika but ok lol
62 days ago
I got hisoka should I be worryd
72 days ago
Dammit! I wanted to be gon or Killua or something, I mean what does leorio even do or being Kurapika would be awesome too! And the worst part is that the description is spot on
77 days ago
I got ✨K U R A P I K A✨
107 days ago
I got kurapika on this test and did a boyfriend one and got illumi wooooooooooooow
107 days ago
I got kurapika again 🔴👄🔴
107 days ago
I got kurapika

Kurapika is now drowning in an indescribable emptyness
110 days ago
I got Killua :D he is my favorite anime charter of all time ((