What HunterXHunter Character Are You?

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Find out which HxH character you are in this exciting quiz! Could you be the main character, Gon? Maybe my personal favorite, Kurapika? Find out in "What HunterXHunter Character Are You?"

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301 days ago
My friend said that I act nothing like Killua but yet I got him.
308 days ago
the 💑 im not hisoka i want to be killua
381 days ago
OK, i got 30% Kurapika and 30% Gon-
478 days ago
I got hisoka? There's no way in heck I'm anything like him
556 days ago
BRUHHHH IM 35% hisoka UwU
578 days ago
40% Gooooooonnn
672 days ago
Sunflowers are my worst enemy
692 days ago
40% Hisoka. Intresting.
694 days ago
35% kurapika! I thought ill be gon tho?.......
698 days ago
25% hisoka ;)
702 days ago
I got 40% hisoka should I be concerned
703 days ago
i got 35% hisoka.....
704 days ago
i got 25% kurapika
25% hisoka
25% Leorio
25% killua
tbh i dont think my results are bad the results are ok
706 days ago
you think your life sucks, I got Hisoka.
715 days ago
I got 50 percent gon =3=
727 days ago
728 days ago
/I- evry web i get... GONNN like ???
728 days ago
741 days ago
For 35% you are: You're Leorio! The Creative, flexible character! You often don't like people telling you what to do, and you like to be the leader. You also are very smart and talented, and have lots of hidden potential.

Leorio....Y does his name remind me of 'oreo'..like say them out loud!
743 days ago
I swear to god I am nothing like Hisoka